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Release No: 010-98
January 22, 1998

Chairman's Trip to Europe

Gen. Henry H. Shelton, U.S. Army, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, will depart Andrews Air Force Base, Md., on Thursday, Jan. 22, 1998, for visits to France and Austria.

The chairman will first travel to France, for a counterpart visit hosted by Gen. Jean-Philippe Douin, chief of staff of the French armed forces. On Friday, Jan. 23, 1998, Gen. Shelton will tour French naval facilities in Brest. He will continue to Istres to visit the French Air Force installation at Le Tube, and speak to members of the U.S. Air Force 16th Expeditionary Operations Group stationed there. Shelton will meet with Douin and French officials in Paris before flying to Vienna, Austria, on Sunday, Jan. 25, 1998.

In Vienna on Monday Jan. 26, 1998, Shelton will meet with his military counterparts and senior defense ministry officials from nearly 50 nations for the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) Military Doctrine Seminar. The OSCE's Forum for Security Cooperation , the venue that concentrates on arms control and confidence building measures, hosts the Military Doctrine Seminar. The seminar promotes discussion of the evolution of military doctrines and national security concepts, and focuses on the changing doctrinal and national security structure facing the armed forces of the OSCE member nations. . Shelton will return to Washington, D.C., that evening.

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