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Release No: 176-97
July 23, 1997

Khamisiyah Plume Analysis Briefing

In lieu of the regularly scheduled Department of Defense press briefing, Thursday at 1:30 p.m., DoD and Central Intelligence Agency will release their analysis of the plume resulting from the weapons destruction at Khamisiyah, Iraq, March 10, 1991. Bernard Rostker, DoD's special assistant for Gulf War illnesses and Bob Walpole, special assistant to the director of Central Intelligence for Persian Gulf War illnesses issues will brief the results. Dr. Thomas L. Garthwaite, deputy under secretary for health, veterans health administration, Department of Veterans Affairs, will also be available to address health-related questions.

The briefing will be held in the DoD briefing studio, room 2E781. Point of contact is Bryan Whitman, (703) 695-3912.

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