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Press Advisories announce media events, briefings, publications and other opportunities. Press advisories issued within the past 30 days are listed below. Older advisories are available on the press advisory archive page. Advisories are also available by e-mail subscription. Go to DOD News for more information and for links to other news items.

10/27/1998:   Kosovo Backgrounder
10/27/1998:   Secretary of Defense to Recognize Humanitarian Relief and Peacekeeping Accomplishments of Andrew S. Grove
10/26/1998:   Background briefing for SecDef Trip to Asia
10/26/1998:   SecDef William S. Cohen will deliver the 19th Annual Bernard Brodie Lecture
10/22/1998:   Secretary of Defense to Make Remarks at Ceremony for Lady Margaret Thatcher
10/22/1998:   Secretary of Defense Will Make Remarks at the Ceremonial Groundbreaking for the Educational Resource and Services Center, Inc.
10/22/1998:   Secretary of Defense Will Be The Official Starter For The 23rd Marine Corps Marathon
10/22/1998:   Secretary of Defense Presents Coins to Sen. Glenn and Discovery Crew
10/22/1998:   DoD Activities to Support Red Ribbon Week
10/21/1998:   Honor Cordon for President of the Republic of Lithuania
10/20/1998:   Honor Cordon for Premier of Bermuda
10/20/1998:   Honor Cordon for Minister of Defense of Israeli Has Been Canceled
10/20/1998:   Department of Defense Unveils New Policy Regarding Federally Recognized Tribes
10/19/1998:   Honor Cordon to Welcome Minister of Defense of the State of Israel
10/19/1998:   Under Secretary of Defense (P&R) de Leon will Host Disabilities Award Ceremony
10/16/1998:   Evolved Expendable Launch Vehicle Announcement
10/15/1998:   Secretary of Defense Will Make Remarks and Present Awards to Military Units
10/15/1998:   Secretary of Defense Will Make Remarks at an Awards Ceremony Recognizing Navy Personnel and Their Families
10/15/1998:   Secretary of Defense Will Make Remarks to Ship Personnel on the Aegis Destroyer PORTER
10/15/1998:   Secretary of Defense Will Address Guests at the 20th Annual Salute to the Military Dinner
10/13/1998:   Secretary of Defense William S. Cohen Will Address the "1998 Fortune 500 Forum"
10/13/1998:   Keynote Speaker James R. Schlesinger at the Reserve Forces Policy Board Alumni Banquet
10/06/1998:   Special Briefing by Deputy Secretary of Defense on the Defense Reform Initiative
10/06/1998:   Full Honors Arrival Ceremony for Prime Minister of the Republic of Hungary
10/05/1998:   DoD Press Briefing Cancelled
10/05/1998:   Background Briefing SecDef Trip to Gulf Region
10/02/1998:   Honor Cordon for Vice Minister of Defense Tran Hahn of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam
10/01/1998:   SecDef and DepSecDef at Swearing In Ceremony for Chancellor for Education and Professional Development

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