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Press Advisories announce media events, briefings, publications and other opportunities.The Press Advisories issued for October 2000 are listed below. Advisories are also available by e-mail subscription. Go to DOD News for more information and for links to other news items.

10/31/2000:   Marine Corps to host briefing on Camp Lejeune Survey
10/31/2000:   Cohen hosts full honor arrival ceremony for MoD of Uzbekistan
10/31/2000:   Cohen's to Dedicate USO Corridor
10/31/2000:   Cohen to speak, Receive Edmund S. Muskie Award for Distinguished Public Service
10/30/2000:   Defense Leadership Management Program Graduation
10/30/2000:   Cohen Hosts Honor Cordon for Gen. Yu of the People's Republic of China
10/26/2000:   SECDEF to address John Glenn Institute of Public Service and Public Policy
10/26/2000:   SECDEF to SOCOM Change of Command
10/19/2000:   Cohen to Honor Former Navy Master Diver
10/17/2000:   Time Change for DoD Press Briefing
10/16/2000:   Revised Time for Honor Arrival Ceremony for PM of Bangladesh
10/16/2000:   DepSecDef Hosts Full Honor Arrival Ceremony for PM of Bangladesh
10/16/2000:   Cohen travels to Brazil to participate in the Def. Ministerial of the Americas
10/16/2000:   DepSecDef Hosts Honor Cordon for Deputy MoD of South Africa
10/13/2000:   USS Cole Update Briefing Today at 2:30 p.m.
10/13/2000:   MV-22 Briefing Cancelled
10/13/2000:   De Leon to Speak to Army Guard and Reserve Leaders
10/13/2000:   Background Briefing on Cohen's trip to South America Cancelled
10/12/2000:   V-22 Osprey Operational Evaluation Briefing
10/12/2000:   Sec. Cohen and Adm. Clark will give a brief update involving USS COLE
10/12/2000:   Change in Cohen Speaking at David Packard Leadership Award Dinner
10/12/2000:   Two DoD Press Briefings Set for Friday Morning
10/11/2000:   Cohen to Speak at David Packard Leadership Award Dinner
10/10/2000:   Navy Secretary Departs for China
10/10/2000:   Department of Defense Presents Awards to Outstanding Employees
10/06/2000:   New Identification Card Uses "Smart" Technology
10/06/2000:   Navy to Provide Intranet Overview Today
10/03/2000:   De Leon to Address Junior ROTC
10/03/2000:   DRI Broadcast Featuring SecDef and DepSecDef
10/03/2000:   De Leon To Address 49th Annual Defense Orientation Conference
10/03/2000:   Military Quality of Life Summit
10/02/2000:   Background Briefing on SecDef Trip to Tunisia, Greece and England

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