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DoD Announces Upcoming NATO, Maritime Exercises

By Amaani Lyle DoD News, Defense Media Activity


WASHINGTON, August 27, 2014 — Pentagon officials announced the start of two training exercises this month.

Exercise Combined Endeavor 2014 starts tomorrow and concludes Sept. 12. Exercise Northern Coasts 2014 starts Aug. 29 and ends Sept. 12.

Embarking on its 28th year, Combined Endeavor is a command, control, communications, and computer systems exercise involving 1,200 personnel from approximately 30 NATO and Partnership for Peace nations. It will operate at a main base with virtual forward bases for multi-national collaboration.

In the Baltic Sea, the annual maritime exercise Northern Coasts 2014 includes underwater mine, countermeasure and counter-improvised explosive device training. Forces from at least five countries will participate.

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