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Six Iraqis Hurt in Mosul Attack; Forces Seize Suspects, Weapons

American Forces Press Service

WASHINGTON, Jan. 7, 2006 – Six Iraqi civilians, including three children, were injured along with four police yesterday when a car bomber attacked an Iraqi police patrol in Mosul.

An Iraqi bomb squad searched the terrorist's destroyed vehicle and found 12 mortar rounds that failed to detonate. The unexploded mortars were taken to a nearby military base for disposal.

U.S. soldiers from the 172nd Stryker Brigade Combat Team helped to provide security around the blast site and assisted in driving off some terrorists who were firing at Iraqi police and rescue units called in to aid the bombing victims.

In other incidents that occurred over the past few days, U.S. forces seized suspected terrorists and confiscated weapons:

  • U.S. soldiers questioned two men and detained one when they fled their vehicle and tried to escape at a Baghdad checkpoint on Jan. 4. The soldiers found four AK-47s, two grenades, improvised-explosive-device-making materials and a global positioning system in the vehicle. The weapons and vehicle were seized.
  • Task Force Baghdad soldiers seized a significant amount of weapons Jan. 4. One cache included 34 155 mm artillery rounds, two 130 mm artillery rounds, two 82mm mortar rounds, three 60 mm mortar rounds, three TJ7 mortar rounds, 8,500 7.62 mm rounds, two 668-type 6 rockets, one 30 mm barrel and 100 feet of detonation cord. An explosive ordnance disposal unit destroyed the contraband weapons. A second-discovered cache yielded 22 surface-to-air missiles and 5,000 rounds of 2.3 mm ammunition.
  • Task Force Baghdad soldiers caught a terrorist in the act of carrying out an attack in eastern Baghdad near Rustamiyah Jan. 3. The individual was found near the site of an explosion moments after the detonation. The suspected terrorist tried to escape but was caught and detained.

(Information provided by Multinational Force Iraq news releases.)

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