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One Terrorist Dies, Four Detained in Samarra

American Forces Press Service

WASHINGTON, Aug. 30, 2005 – A terrorist was killed when an improvised explosive device he was removing from his vehicle detonated Aug. 29 in Samarra, Iraq, military coalition officials in Iraq reported today.

Task Force Liberty soldiers detained four other individuals caught removing the body from the vehicle and placing it in their truck. Soldiers took them to a coalition base for questioning.

In the air war, coalition aircraft flew 55 close-air-support and armed-reconnaissance sorties Aug. 29 for Operation Iraqi Freedom, officials said today.

U.S. Air Force F-16 fighter jets struck an insurgent forces meeting place in the vicinity of Qaim. The planes destroyed the building with two 500-pound GBU-38 bombs.

Other F-16s provided close-air support to coalition ground troops in contact with insurgents in the same vicinity. The F-16s performed a strike against an insurgent building, using one 500-pound GBU-12 bomb. U.S. Navy F/A-18 fighter jets provided close-air support to coalition troops near Tall Afar.

In western Iraq, multinational forces reported netting five terrorists in the city of Hit over a two-week period this month. Intelligence gathering and tips from concerned citizens led coalition forces to various locations in and around Hit and Baghdad. The following individuals were captured:

  • On Aug. 13, Multinational forces raided a suspected terrorist location in Baghdad and captured Uhayb Hamud Farhan Aber -- aka Abu Ahmad. Ahmad was second in command of the terrorist Al-Ahwal Brigade in Hit. He was responsible for running all operations in that unit, to include the planning of targets and resourcing of homemade and car-bomb attacks against Iraqi security and coalition forces.
  • Coalition forces raided a suspected terrorist location in the vicinity of Hit Aug. 24 and captured Luay Hadi Hamid Mahhlif -- aka Abu Yamana. Yamana was a homemade- and car-bomb cell leader responsible for conducting attacks against Iraqi and coalition forces in and around Hit and the central corridor.
  • On Aug. 25, multinational forces raided a suspected terrorist location near Hit and captured Ali Abd-Al-Wahid Thabit Bani -- aka Abu Husayn. Husayn was also in the Al-Ahwal Brigade there, where he led a media cell that filmed and photographed attacks. He created fliers, posters and other extremist propaganda and distributed them to local citizens in Hit and other cities in the region.
  • Multinational forces raided a suspected terrorist location in Baghdad Aug. 26 and captured Sinan Mut'ib 'Abd-Al-Karim Jasim -- aka Abu Jafar or Abu Zaynab, the leader and primary financier of the Al-Ahwal Brigade in Hit.
  • Also on Aug. 26 Mahmud Saynt, Jafar's military commander and closest friend and adviser, was killed when coalition forces attempted to capture him.
  • On Aug. 27, forces raided a suspected terrorist location in Hit and captured Sami Saud Hamad al-Ma'azizi -- aka Aby Sayf. Sayf, who had been Mahmud Saynt's deputy, had just succeeded the slain Al-Ahwal Brigade military commander.

(Based on news releases from Multinational Force Iraq and U.S. Central Command Air Forces Forward.)

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