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America Supports You: 'Project Freedom' Highlights Accomplishments

By Steven Donald Smith
American Forces Press Service

WASHINGTON, Oct. 4, 2005 – The American Security Council Foundation recently launched "Project Freedom" to highlight the accomplishments being made by American servicemembers in the war on terror.

The project encourages civilians to write stories about these accomplishments and submit them for publication by the foundation.

"The goal of Project Freedom is to raise the American public's awareness of and put a human face on the extraordinary, good things our soldiers, sailors and airmen are doing every day in the war on terror and in reconstructing Iraq and Afghanistan," Brian Williams, director of operations for the foundation, said.

The foundation is particularly looking for stories about heroism in combat and humanitarian projects that are assisting the people of Iraq and Afghanistan, such as the numerous ways in which American troops are caring for the sick and wounded, aiding orphaned children, and rebuilding schools, he said.

Stories can also focus on work being done to soothe tensions between competing factions in those two countries and the steps being made to educate local leaders about the legislative, judicial and executive branches of democratic government, Williams said.

"ASCF believes winning the war on terror and building and sustaining a democratic Iraq and Afghanistan will require a long-term commitment by America, which can only be sustained if the public learns of progress being made daily in ways that can't be measured in terms of battlefield reports ... or the typical topics of major news reporting," he said.

The foundation intends to publish the stories in small daily and weekly newspapers, monthly journals and magazines, and on its Web site. They also aim to get the stories featured on national radio talk shows. "And to the degree funds permit, excerpted versions will appear on ASCF-sponsored radio and television spots across the country," Williams said.

Since 1958 the American Security Council Foundation has supported numerous activities and programs to strengthen U.S. national security and educate the public about the challenges facing the United States. During the cold war it emphasized the threat posed by communism, and today it focuses heavily on the dangers of international terrorism.

"In fact, it is difficult to think of an important foreign-policy or national security-program since World War II where the foundation did not have a prominent role," Henry Fischer, the president of the foundation, wrote in a letter posted on the foundation's Web site.

Project Freedom is a continuation of those efforts.

"Putting a human face on the positive acts of our soldiers, sailors and airmen will allow the American public to relate and also provide recognition and encouragement and help sustain morale of those in uniform in the field," Williams said.

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