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Times Posted for Armed Forces Marathon Event

By Steve Brown
Special to American Forces Press Service

WASHINGTON, Nov. 10, 2005 – The Army won the armed forces title with and overall time of 10:59:01 at the 2005 Armed Forces Marathon Championship, conducted as a part of the 2005 Marine Corps Marathon, on Oct. 30 here.

The marathon had 30,000 entrants, with 19,211 finishers. The military team totals were determined by adding the finish times of the team's first three men and first woman finisher.

Emily Brzozowski led the Army with her 2:54:58 finish. She was the first armed forces female finisher and third overall female out of 8,373 finishers.

Keith Matiskella, with a time of 2:30:43, was third for the men's armed forces and ninth among 11,699 male finishers.

Liam Collins finished at 2:34:06 (4th armed forces, 13th overall) and Ezekiel Austin rounded out the Army scoring with a 2:36:13 finish (9th armed forces, 23rd overall).

The Navy came in second (combined time of 10:39:48), but had the first two men's finishers in the Armed Forces Championship. John Mentzer (2:24:26) was the first armed forces finisher and 4th overall, while Jon Clemens (2:30:25) finished in second and 7th overall. William Swick was the final men's finisher for the Navy (2:41:01). Melissa Cole time of 3:03:56 was the second for the armed forces women runners and 9th overall.

Host Marine Corps finished third (10:59:01) with Alexander Hetherington (2:35:23), William Edwards (2:35:33), and Andrew Bartle (2:36:05) good for 6th, 7th, and 8th in the armed forces event. Tara Smith finished at 3:12:00.

The Air Force, who finished fourth as a team, was lead by Mark Cucuzella's time of 2:34:46, good for fifth in the armed forces and 15th overall. Levi Severson and John Worley finished with times of 2:38:41 and 2:39:37, and were 10th and 11th for the armed forces event and 26th and 29th overall. Brenda Schrank won a bronze medal in the armed forces event with her time of 3:06:33, 11th finisher for all women. Jill Metzger (3:06:39) finished directly behind Schrank and 12th overall. The combined Air Force time (10:59:37) was only 36 seconds behind the host Marine Corps.

(Steve Brown is director of Air Forces Sports.)

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