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World Unites Behind Iraq, Cheney Says

By Donna Miles
American Forces Press Service

WASHINGTON, July 1, 2004 – "The day the terrorists dreaded" is here as the world unites to support the new sovereign Iraqi government, Vice President Dick Cheney said today at the National D-Day Museum in New Orleans.

"Iraq's new leaders are determined, and they know they are not alone in the struggle against terror," the vice president said. "Their cause is the cause of the civilized world, and the civilized world is standing with them."

Cheney noted that more than 30 nations have troops in Iraq serving alongside Iraqi security forces he said "are fighting courageously for the future of their own country."

The coalition also is working with Iraq's new leaders to train a new generation of Iraqi military commanders "so the Iraqis can eventually take full responsibility, not only for self-government, but also for their nation's self- defense," he said.

Cheney said a series of recent events demonstrates that "the world is united in its support for a free Iraq." Earlier this week in Istanbul, NATO agreed to help train Iraq's national security forces. In addition, the vice president said, the U.N. Security Council unanimously approved a resolution endorsing Iraq's interim government, and the United Nations sent a team of experts to help Iraq plan free elections.

These accomplishments don't mean an immediate end to violence in Iraq, Cheney said, acknowledging that "more violence can be expected in the days and weeks ahead."

"But the day the terrorists dreaded has arrived," he said. "After decades of rule by a brutal dictator, Iraq has been returned to its rightful owners, the people of Iraq. And Iraq now joins Afghanistan as a nation transformed from a state sponsor of terror to an ally in the war on terror."

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