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Weapons Caches Found in Afghanistan; Troops Help Road Crash Victims

National Guard Bureau

WASHINGTON, Feb. 11, 2005 – Coalition troops in Afghanistan found several weapons caches in recent days, and helped transport injured Afghans from the scene of a major road vehicle accident.

Coalition forces found two weapons caches Feb. 10. One in Kandahar province contained two HN-5 surface-to-air missiles with batteries and grip stocks, two 60 mm mortars, three rocket-propelled grenade rounds, six RPG motors, one can of 14.7 mm machine-gun rounds, 33 anti-tank mines, two fragmentation grenades and at least 60 land mine fuses.

The second weapons cache discovered in Uruzgan province contained seven anti- tank mines. Coalition forces also recovered 41 mortars, 144 recoilless rifle rounds, eight PG-7 rounds, 28 mortar primers, 12 mortar primer kits, 92 mortar fuses, one anti-tank mine fuse and 50 feet of detonation cord.

Coalition forces have secured both caches.

And coalition troops helped to evacuate and treat more than 27 people at hospitals on Bagram after a multiple-vehicle accident in Parwan province Feb. 10.

The accident occurred in the Pole Sufian village, which is about 20 kilometers south of Bagram Airfield on old Kabul Road. Reports indicate multiple vehicles were involved, including a bus.

Ten hospitalized people had been released by the evening of Feb. 10. The others were being treated at three hospitals on the base.

Also, coalition forces recovered one weapons cache in Ghazni province Feb. 9. That cache contained one anti-tank mine, 16 107 mm rockets, four cases of 12.7 mm ammunition, 20 82 mm mortars, 12 PG-7 rounds plus boosters and 984 VOG 17 grenade rounds.

(Compiled from Combined Forces Command Afghanistan press releases.)

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