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New Publication Explains Importance of Network-Centric Warfare

By Paul Stone
American Forces Press Service

WASHINGTON, Jan. 6, 2004 – The Defense Department's Office of Force Transformation has produced a new publication explaining the importance of network-centric warfare.

According to DoD officials, the term broadly describes the combination of emerging tactics, techniques and procedures that a networked force can use to create a decisive warfighting advantage. It's one of DoD's major initiatives to transform the military.

Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld has said that "U.S. forces must leverage information technology and innovative network-centric concepts of operations to develop increasingly capable joint forces. New information and communications technologies hold promise for networking highly distributed, joint and multinational forces."

Among its benefits, network-centric warfare increases combat power by networking sensors, decision makers and shooters to achieve shared awareness of the battlefield, increased speed of command, greater lethality and increased survivability.

As a new source of power, it allows U.S. forces to get inside an adversary's decision cycle, changing the rules of warfare and dictating the pace of military operations.

Recent operational experience has repeatedly shown that only forces with comprehensively integrated capabilities can fully exploit the advantages of information-age warfare.

A downloadable version of the new publication is available.

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