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Test to Open Stateside Space-A Air Travel to Military Families

American Forces Press Service

WASHINGTON, Feb. 6, 2003 – A one-year test starting April 1 will permit space-available air travel within the continental United States by family members who accompany their military sponsors.

Defense transportation officials said dependents of active-duty members and military retirees will be eligible. Their travel priority during the test will be the same as their sponsor's. The test ends March 31, 2004.

Current regulations allow dependents to travel space-A with sponsors to, from and between overseas points, but prohibit their travel point-to-point within the continental United States. Active duty and retired military members already have space-A privileges stateside and overseas.

To register for space-A travel, active-duty sponsors must be on leave or a pass and remain in that status while awaiting travel and through the entire travel period. Retirees may sign up 60 days in advance but not before the test begins April 1.

(Generally, space-A is the seats left on military aircraft after official duty travelers and cargo are accommodated. Space-A travelers are assigned various seating categories; for instance, active duty members on emergency travel receive a higher priority than leisure travelers. The Air Force's system is the best-known, but all the services offer space-A using their own rules and policies.)

For more information on the space-A privilege, its rules, registration process, travel procedures, tips, and dozens of frequently asked questions, visit the Air Force Air Mobility Command space-A Web site.

(Adapted from a news release from the Air Mobility Command, Scott Air Force Base, Ill.)

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