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Soldiers Recover Multiple Weapons Caches in Afghanistan

American Forces Press Service

WASHINGTON, March 12, 2005 – Soldiers from Combined Joint Task Force 76 recovered several weapons caches in Afghanistan over two days during the past week. Some of the caches were turned in by local Afghans.

The majority of the caches were discovered on March 9. On that day an informant led soldiers to a cache buried in a field near Asadabad. The cache contained 11 tank rounds, 18 107 mm rounds, 34 cases of machine gun rounds, 18 cases of mortar fuses, and 34 recoilless rifles.

Near Khowst, a man turned in two rocket-propelled-grenade launchers and one machine gun.

In Ghazni, an Afghan tipped soldiers to the location of a truck-mounted 122 mm rocket launcher. The launcher was not in working order, but soldiers also discovered more than 35 serviceable rockets, 50 to 60 rocket fuses, machine gun ammunition, two 82 mm mortar rounds, and numerous small-arms rounds.

Near Bagram Air Base, soldiers found a cache of nine rocket-propelled grenades. They also found hand grenades and land mines, all of which were set for disposal.

Also near Bagram, patrolling troops discovered a cache of explosives and ammunition with the help of a local villager. That cache, some of which was still in its original shipping containers, consisted of almost 60 rocket-propelled-grenade rounds, 34 82 mm mortar rounds, 53 107 mm rockets, 25 mortar fuses, and 40 fuses for an unknown type of rocket. The weapons were sent to Bagram for disposal.

On March 10 near Khowst, U.S. Marines and Afghan National Police found a large cache in a village near Forward Operating Base Salerno. The troops received a tip from locals while providing humanitarian assistance to the people living there. The cache consisted of 271 AK-47 rifle rounds, 65 heavy-machine-gun rounds, 40 timed fuses, four grenade fuses, and 30 .303 British "Enfield" rounds.

Lastly, soldiers found a cache 40 kilometers west of Kandahar Airfield. The cache consisted of two anti-tank mines, eight artillery shells and a box of fuses for shells.

(From a Combined Forces Command Afghanistan news release.)

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