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Dental Plan Reduces Time Requirements for Enrollment

American Forces Press Service

WASHINGTON, Jan. 5, 1996 – The TRICARE family member dental plan has become more flexible for service members returning from overseas assignments.

Returning service members with 12 months remaining on active duty tours may now enroll their families in the dental plan. Previously, the returning service members needed a 24-month active duty commitment remaining before they could enroll family members.

CHAMPUS officials said sponsors wishing to enroll family members in the dental plan must meet the following conditions:

- Sponsors must be returning from an overseas area where the dental plan is unavailable.

- Enrolling family members must have lived with sponsors at the overseas location.

- Sponsors must have at least 12 months left in their active duty service commitments.

- Sponsors must complete enrollment election within 30 days of signing in at their new duty stations.

Service members should enroll their family members in the dental plan at least 30 days before leaving the overseas duty station. This will provide earlier access to dental care. Coverage is effective the month after service members complete enrollment.

CHAMPUS officials said service members must complete a DD Form 2494 or 2494-1, dated September 1995, to enroll family members. They said earlier versions of the enrollment forms don't contain required enrollment codes.

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