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Task Force Eagle Deployment Complete

American Forces Press Service

WASHINGTON, Feb. 22, 1996 – U.S. Army Europe has completed deployment of Task Force Eagle, the American part of the NATO-led peace implementation force in Bosnia, according to U.S. Army Europe officials.

About 25,000 troops and their equipment moved more than 1,000 kilometers across former Warsaw Pact countries during the past two months to serve as part of the implementation force, Army officials said.

According to Air Force Lt.Gen. Howell Estes III, director of the Pentagon's Joint Staff, about 18,400 troops are in Bosnia. Another 5,500 are in Italy and Hungary and about 2,000 are in Croatia supporting the operation. 

Now that the force is in place, Estes said, U.S. and NATO air support based in Italy will begin to draw down.


Despite flooding of the Sava River, a French rail strike, an anti-nuclear protester who shut down the German rail system for two days and a Balkan winter, Army officials said, the deployment was accomplished with no aviation accidents, no significant cold weather injuries and no fatalities.

The deployment included about 11,000 vehicles, 145 aircraft and 160,000 tons of supplies, including 62,000 pairs of boots. U.S. Army Europe used 358 trains with 6,800 rail cars, 500 buses and 1,600 trucks to move the force. Airlift crews flew about 1,300 sorties.

Sustaining the force in Bosnia is the next mission, officials said. Each day, Task Force Eagle will consume 72,000 meals, 192,000 gallons of water, 130,000 gallons of fuel and 130 tons of other supplies.  Three convoys and at least four tactical airlift sorties will move supplies on an average day, officials said.

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