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DoD Child Care & School Age Program Fees

By Staff Sgt. Alicia K. Borlik, USA
American Forces Press Service

WASHINGTON, July 1, 1999 – This story is part of a series of articles on the military's effort to provide quality, affordable child care. For the most current information, visit the web site special "Formula and Fatigues, Diapers and Duty" at http://www.defenselink.mil/specials/childcare/.

Rates at military child development centers and school age programs are based on total family income and location. Installation commanders set local policies and rates within an allowed range determined by DoD.

The following weekly rates are based on one child receiving 10 hours of care each weekday at a military child development center. Fees for each additional child may be discounted up to 20 percent. High- cost areas are those designated by the Office of Personnel Management, such as metropolitan Washington, D.C., San Diego and San Francisco. The fiscal 2000 income and fee ranges are:

Category Total Family Range of Weekly Optional High
  Income Fees Per Child Cost Range
I 0-23,000 $39 - 53 $44 - 56
II 23,001-34,000 50 - 64 55 - 68
III 34,001-44,000 61 - 76 67 - 82
IV 44,001-55,000 74 - 87 80 - 93
V 55,001-69,999 89 - 100 92 - 104
VI 70,000+ 102 - 114 103 - 116

DoD also sets rate ranges for installation school-age programs. In fiscal 1999, parents pay $4 to $96 per week depending on income and the number of hours their child is in the program. Income categories are the same as for child development centers. Fiscal 2000 fees will be announced shortly, DoD officials said July 1.

"Total family income" includes all earned income -- wages; salaries; tips; long-term disability benefits; voluntary salary deferrals; quarters and subsistence allowances, to include in-kind quarters and subsistence received by service members; pay for service in a combat zone; and anything else of value received for providing services, even if not taxable.

"Quarters allowance" is the minimum basic allowance for housing rate, and "subsistence" is the basic subsistence allowance for military members. Military members must provide a copy of their most recent leave and earnings statement for income verification.

Civilian patrons may use their most recent W-2 for verification. Persons who decline to show proof of income pay Category 5 fees.

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