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National Guard Bureau

WASHINGTON, July 10, 1998 –  

 Which country's army was the last to disband carrier pigeon service?

 Switzerland, 1996


 Where did the term "MayDay" come from?

 From the French "m'aidez," or "help me"

 (An international telecommunications conference made the term official in 1948)


 For what unusual mission were Marines sent to France in 1905?

 To escort the body of John Paul Jones, known as the Father of the U.S. Navy, back to his final resting place at the Naval Academy

 (He died in Paris in 1792)


 When did the United States begin issuing a national currency?

 In 1791, at the First Bank in Philadelphia


 Why were California Gold Rush prospectors called "Forty-Niners"?

 Although gold was discovered in 1848, most hopefuls outside California left to seek their fortunes in 1849


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