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Commissary Agency Reorganizes Aug. 1

Special to American Forces Press Service

FORT LEE, Va., July 15, 1997 – Defense Commissary Agency will complete a reorganization and realignment of its headquarters and Operations Support Center Aug. 1.

The agency reduced staffing with a hiring freeze since January and normal attrition.

Agency Director Richard E. Beale Jr. approved the reorganized structures July 2. As the agency moves to full status as a performance-based organization, Beale's position at the top will be known as the chief operating officer. Among officials directly reporting to him will be an executive director for operations, who oversees commissary regions and operations-related functions, and an executive director for support, who oversees staff-related functions at the headquarters.

The agency will not offer early retirement or separation incentives to headquarters and Operations Support Center employees during fiscal 1997, but may in fiscal 1998. (from a Defense Commissary Agency news release)

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