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One Terrorist Killed, 22 Detained in Coalition Operations

American Forces Press Service

WASHINGTON, April 6, 2008 – Coalition forces killed one terrorist and detained 22 suspects during operations targeting al Qaeda in central and northern parts of Iraq today, according to coalition press releases.

A close associate of a senior al Qaeda leader who attacked Sons of Iraq groups in Anbar province was the target of an operation in Baghdad.

Upon moving into the target building, coalition forces encountered a man with a weapon. Perceiving hostile intent, they engaged and killed him. Eight suspected terrorists were detained during the operation.

Also in Baghdad, coalition forces conducted a precision operation capturing an alleged weapons facilitator who is believed to have ties to a senior al Qaeda leader in the city.

Farther north, coalition forces detained three suspected terrorists during an operation in Bayji. One suspect was wanted for his alleged role in planning bombing attacks, as well as his association with weapons facilitation and assassinations.

Using information from an April 3 operation, coalition forces conducted three missions targeting the al Qaeda network in Ninawa province. Three foreign terrorist facilitators were detained in Mosul and six more near the Syrian border. Another suspect was detained in Mosul during a separate mission targeting an al Qaeda leader.

In other operations in Iraq today:

-- Iraqi army rescued 42 college students who had been kidnapped by insurgents in southwestern Mosul earlier in the day. All 42 students are accounted for and are safe.

A coalition aircraft spotted a suspicious vehicle thought to contain the students after Iraqi security forces reported the kidnapping. The insurgents fled the scene after the vehicle was stopped. Iraqi soldiers detained one insurgent at a nearby house. Iraqi and coalition forces continue to search for others individuals involved in the kidnapping. The incident is under investigation by the Iraqi Security Forces.

In operations throughout Iraq on April 5:

-- West of Balad, coalition forces targeted an individual associated with a senior al Qaeda responsible for extortion, kidnappings and weapons facilitation in the region. When coalition forces approached, the individual attempted to flee in a vehicle. The terrorist was killed when coalition forces fired at the vehicle to stop it.

-- In Mosul, coalition forces targeted an individual allegedly involved in the facilitation of suicide bombers and foreign terrorists. Two suspects were detained at the target building while another suspect ran several blocks to a mosque. Surveillance teams followed him to the mosque where they, and the previously detained suspects, identified him in a group of people leaving prayers. He was detained outside the mosque. At no time did coalition forces enter the mosque.

-- In the Sadr City district of Baghdad, Iraqi army soldiers and Iraqi civilians were attacked by small-arms fire and rocket-propelled grenades during a humanitarian mission. The soldiers were handing out water and food to residents when the attack occurred. They immediately returned fire. Two civilians were wounded in the attacks.

In April 4 operations around Iraq:

-- Coalition forces used an unmanned aerial vehicle to confirm reports that Iraqi Security Forces were under attack and taking small-arms fire in Basra’s Haiyaniya district. They then employed a rotary-winged aircraft to counter the insurgents.

-– Acting on intelligence reports, coalition forces killed two terrorists west of Samarra. As the forces approached the terrorists’ location, the suspects attempted to evade capture by driving off a paved road and into a rural area. Coalition forces pursued them, engaging the terrorists' vehicle to stop it. The driver was killed.

(From Multinational Force Iraq and Multinational Corps Iraq news releases.)

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