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Troops in Iraq Capture Murder Suspect, Seize Weapons

American Forces Press Service

WASHINGTON, Feb. 6, 2009 – U.S. and Iraqi forces arrested a murder suspect and seized several illegal weapons stockpiles yesterday, military officials reported.

Iraqi police and U.S. soldiers detained the suspected murderer in Baghdad’s Rashid district on an Iraqi-issued warrant.

Meanwhile, acting on a tip, Iraqi and U.S. soldiers seized five weapons stockpiles west of Baghdad.

The first cache contained a light machine gun, two rifles and a rocket-propelled grenade launcher. The second site yielded machine-gun, small-arms, anti-aircraft, anti-tank and shotgun rounds, mortars and mortar equipment, and dozens of fragmentation grenades.

The Iraqi and U.S. soldiers continued to a third site, where they uncovered anti-tank and anti-personnel rounds and an RPG booster. The fourth cache yielded surface-to-air missiles, mortars, anti-aircraft rounds, RPG rounds, mortar tubes and small-arms ammunition. The fifth find consisted of a grenade, mortars and mortar tubes, and RPG rounds, including some designed to pierce armor.

In a separate operation in the Rashid district, Iraqi police, U.S. soldiers and “Sons of Iraq” civilian security group members found five RPGs.

(Compiled from Multinational Corps Iraq news releases.)

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