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Defense Finance and Accounting Service Revamps Website

By Terri Moon Cronk
American Forces Press Service

WASHINGTON, April 21, 2011 – Defense Finance and Accounting Service officials are rolling out a redesigned website tonight to give the Defense Department’s workforce easier, quicker access to the information they need.

"We know our online visitors don't want to spend more of their time on our website than they have to,” said Richard

Gustafson, the finance service’s principal deputy director. “We're trying to help them keep that time to a minimum while getting them the answers they are looking for."

The redesigned site at http://www.dfas.mil has a clean, streamlined look with an improved, more intuitive navigation system to help DFAS’s more than 6 million customers -- including military personnel, civilian employees, contractors, vendors, retirees and annuitants -- access popular features more quickly, Gustafson said.

"Our last redesign was in 2005," Gustafson said. "Over the years, the navigation and content has gotten more difficult for users to get the information they need to understand and maintain their pay or vendor accounts. The new site gives our customers better information, faster.”

The new site features links across the top for each category of people DFAS serves. A “how to” section composed of links down the left side of the page provides easy access for customers to find travel pay information, pay tables, information on correcting military records and other services.

For the first few weeks, the revamped site will include a link to an instructional video that explains changes to the site's navigation.


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