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America's Military Might Displayed in Gulf  This story contains photos.    

USS GEORGE WASHINGTON, ARABIAN GULF - Until you see a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier in action, terms like "forward presence," "power projection" and "military might" are merely Pentagon buzz words.


Steppin' Out With Carpenter, Cohen  This story contains photos.    

NAPLES, Italy - Expect the unexpected. That's a safe bet for military folks. For a few forward-deployed U.S. troops, Dec. 24 turned out to be exactly an unexpected type of day.


Don't Lose What You've Earned -- Donate It      

WASHINGTON - It's getting to be that time of the year again for a lot of government employees to either use it or lose it. "Use or lose" refers to using the extra leave accumulated on the books before the end of the leave year or losing it all.


DoD Announces Aerial Demonstration Teams Schedules      

WASHINGTON - Defense Department aerial demonstration teams kick off the new season in March and perform through November.


Clinton Salutes U.S. Forces in Bosnia  This story contains photos.    

BRUSSELS - During a preholiday visit to Bosnia Dec. 22 President Clinton told American troops thanks to their efforts, the Balkan nation is no longer "the powder keg at the heart of Europe."


Clinton Asks Bosnians to Opt for Peace      

WASHINGTON - President Clinton called on Bosnians of all ethnic groups to fulfill the agreements made at Dayton and to work together to promote peace.


Europe Shares Global Threats  This story contains photos.    

BRUSSELS - NATO is not just a one-way street. Mutual security goes both ways, Secretary of State Madeleine K. Albright told European allies here Dec. 16.


Clinton Commits U.S. Troops to Follow-on Force      

WASHINGTON - U.S. service members will be a part of any follow-on force in Bosnia after June 1998, President Clinton announced Dec. 18.


South American Drug War: Some Success, No Clear Solution      

HOWARD AIR FORCE BASE, Panama - In the air operations center at Joint Interagency Task Force-South, blips on the computer monitor represent not a video parlor game, but a war.


Albright Congratulates NATO Invitees      

BRUSSELS - NATO is one step closer to having three new allies committed to mutual defense.


Solana Hails Captures of Alleged War Criminal      

BRUSSELS - War criminals beware, said NATO Secretary General Javier Solana following the capture of two indicted Bosnian Croat war criminals.


Extraordinary Service Gets World Class Award      

FORT LEE, VA. - They saved a baby from choking to death, personally delivered a bag of groceries left at a store, and returned lost wallets with large sums of cash. These deeds not only got the attention of commissary customers, but also received special "world class" recognition.


Holiday Message from the Secretary of Defense      

WASHINGTON - As we enter this joyous and festive season, let us pause to consider the tremendous role played by our troops in keeping the world peaceful and safe.


Chairman Details Peacetime Strategy      

BOSTON - The greatest threat to America today is not Iraq or Iran. It's not North Korea or China. Nor is it terrorism or weapons of mass destruction.


Albright Says Follow-on Force Serves U.S. Interests      

BRUSSELS - As NATO military authorities began studying options for a follow-on force, Madeleine K. Albright told NATO allies, U.S. engagement in Bosnia serves U.S. interests.


Panel Urges Same-sex Small Basic Training Units      

WASHINGTON - The smallest units in recruit training will be same-sex if DoD accepts the recommendations of the Federal Advisory Committee on Gender-Integrated Training and Related Issues.


Interagency Team Helps Cities Prepare for Terror  This story contains photos.    

ABERDEEN PROVING GROUND, Md. - As if they didn't face enough problems and potential threats, American cities today must confront a new menace -- terrorism.


ID Cards To Go Total Force Green      

WASHINGTON - Identification cards for all active status service members will share the common green color of the cards active duty members carry now.


Pentagon Plans Mass Anthrax Vaccinations      

WASHINGTON - All active duty and Selected Reserve service members will be vaccinated against anthrax bacteria, DoD officials announced Dec. 15.


An American Oasis in Iraq's Shadow      

PRINCE BIN SULTAN AIR BASE, Saudi Arabia - U.S. forces may have created an air-conditioned oasis here with cable news and swimming pools, but they can never forget one dire fact: Saddam Hussein looms to the north. They live and work in the shadow of Iraq.


Chairman's Holiday Message      

WASHINGTON - This holiday season, American families will come together once again to celebrate their faith, to welcome the New Year, and to treasure the simple joys of life. Many of the blessings we enjoy -- a nation at peace, a prosperous standard of living and a safe and secure future -- are a legacy of the sacrifice and hard work of our dedicated civilians and armed forces. Throughout the holidays, our military forces and civilian employees remain on duty, supporting our operations and guarding freedom's frontiers in remote locations around the globe.


Simple Things Boost Morale in Tent City      

PRINCE BIN SULTAN AIR BASE, Saudi Arabia - When nature calls at 3 a.m., it's a struggle to don street clothes and hike to a latrine somewhere down the road. Anyone assigned to the U.S. Air Force 4404th Wing (Provisional) will readily tell you that's just part of life here in Tent City.


Defense, VA Combine Retirement-Disability Physicals      

Washington - Separating or retiring service members expecting to file a claim for VA disability compensation will undergo a single physical exam prior to discharge under a new agreement between DoD and Department of Veterans Affairs.


Joint Chiefs Chairman Outlines Priorities      

WASHINGTON - Since becoming chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in October, Army Gen. Henry H. Shelton has often been described as reserved ... unassuming ... the consummate warrior -- a man completely comfortable in combat boots and fatigues, and new to his current role of soldier-statesman.


Reform Initiative Changes Announced      

WASHINGTON - DoD officials are already making changes to conform with the directives of the Defense Reform Initiative.


U.S., South Korea Hold Security Talks      

WASHINGTON - Defense Secretary William S. Cohen and his South Korean counterpart, Kim Dong-Jin, reaffirmed the importance of the U.S.-Republic of Korea treaty, saying U.S. forces in South Korea contribute to the stability of the peninsula and all of Northeast Asia.


Cohen Cancels Trip, Concentrates on Iraq, Bosnia      

WASHINGTON - The Iraqi crisis has eased, but it has only been deferred, Defense Secretary William S. Cohen said Dec. 9.


Bosnian Relief From the Home Front      

TUZLA, Bosnia - When Jason Amundsen wrote his mom in Minneapolis about what he sees each day as an Army civil affairs officer in Bosnia, she mobilized the home front.


Bosnia Mission Enters Third Year      

BRUSSELS - Two years after the U.S. Army's 1st Armored Division rolled across the Sava River from Hungary, NATO peacekeeping forces are still in Bosnia.


Info Agency Consolidates Mainframe Processing Sites      

ARLINGTON, Va. - DoD will further consolidate mainframe data processing centers and streamline information services, Army Lt. Gen. David J. Kelley, director of the Defense Information Systems Agency announced Dec. 3.


British Forces Ready If Needed      

LONDON - The British aircraft carrier H.M.S. Invincible and its complement of Royal Air Force Harrier jets are standing by in the Mediterranean ready to join American warships in the Persian Gulf if needed.


Paperless Reporting      

WASHINGTON - One idea in Defense Secretary William S. Cohen's Defense Reform Initiative has already saved the department money.


Recap on Iraqi Threat, U.S. Response      

WASHINGTON - The United States beefed up its military presence in the Persian Gulf in late November in response to escalating tension between the United States and Iraq. About 29,000 U.S. troops, 22 Navy ships and 250 aircraft now stand ready in the region.


DoD Sets Aviation Safety Record      

WASHINGTON - The Defense Department logged its safest flying year on record in fiscal 1997.


Transforming Defense Report and You      

WASHINGTON - Amid discussions of "asymmetric threats" and "transformation strategies," what does the National Defense Panel report to Congress mean for service members?


U.S. Customs Holiday Shopping Guide      

MANNHEIM, Germany - Some people overseas have a knack for buying great Christmas gifts. Unfortunately, U.S. Customs officials may disagree when it comes to mailing those gifts to the United States.


More U.S.-Russia Contacts Planned      

BRUSSELS - U.S. troops can expect to see more of their Russian counterparts.


Cohen Alerts Europeans to Chemical Threat      

BRUSSELS - Defense Secretary William S. Cohen is alerting Europe to the growing threat of chemical and biological weapons of mass destruction.


Follow-on Force Necessary; U.S. Bosnia Role Uncertain      

BRUSSELS - NATO officials agree a follow-on military force in Bosnia will be necessary, but the role of U.S. troops remains undecided.


General's Peru Trip Emphasizes Counterdrug Mission  This story contains photos.    

LIMA, Peru - As Marine Gen. Charles Wilhelm began a four-day visit here Nov. 30, the most pressing concern of his command was countering the flow of illegal drugs into the United States.


Study To Determine Best Way To Merge Exchanges      

WASHINGTON - The newest study into consolidating military exchanges will be the last, said Buster Tate, Navy's director of force support and family programs.


Housing Allowances Change Jan. 1      

WASHINGTON - A nontaxable basic allowance for housing replaces the variable housing allowance and basic allowance for quarters Jan. 1.


General Seeks Answers to Long-running Border Dispute  This story contains photos.    

LIMA, Peru - Finding a peaceful solution to an ongoing border dispute occupied Marine Gen. Charles Wilhelm's thoughts as he arrived here Nov. 30.


Defense Reform Initiative Protects Environment      

WASHINGTON - If you think Defense Secretary William Cohen's recent Defense Reform Initiative is just about cutting jobs and infrastructure, saving money and increasing efficiency, think again.


Panel Seeks Force of the Future      

WASHINGTON - The two-major-contingency bedrock of U.S. military strategy is really a force-sizing structure and should be discarded, said members of the National Defense Panel, Dec. 1.


Hamre: Trouble Brewing in Gulf      

KUWAIT CITY - The latest crisis with Iraq is not over, John Hamre told U.S. military men and women during a three-day visit to the Persian Gulf. The deputy defense secretary warned of difficult days ahead.


Cohen Blames Hussein for Iraqi Suffering      

BRUSSELS - Saddam Hussein -- not the United Nations -- is responsible for sickness and death among the Iraqi people, Defense Secretary William S. Cohen told reporters Dec. 1.


Hamre Says U.S. Forces Essential in Gulf      

KUWAIT CITY - U.S. forces are indispensable to maintaining peace in the Persian Gulf, John Hamre told U.S. service members during a three-day visit to the region.


Hamre Salutes Sacrifice of U.S. Troops in Bosnia      

TUZLA, Bosnia - People who choose a military life often face loneliness in lands far from home, Deputy Defense Secretary John Hamre told American troops here. But in return for their personal sacrifice, they live "a larger life on a world stage."

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