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'AFIS On Assignment' Now Available on the Web      

WASHINGTON - "AFIS On Assignment" is a weekly publication of the American Forces Information Service.


European Command to Host Quality of Life Conference      

WASHINGTON - U.S. European Command's new commander-in-chief is zeroing in on quality of life.


Military News Briefs for the Week of June 30, 2000      

WASHINGTON - Accounting for those missing from past wars is a matter affecting today's readiness not just payment of a debt come due, according to Deputy Defense Secretary Rudy de Leon.


Independence Day Message from the President to Members of the Armed Forces      

WASHINGTON - On the Fourth of July in 1776, many of the greatest heroes of our early history risked their lives to put their names at the bottom of the Declaration of Independence. Yet, George Washington's name is not among them; he was not in Philadelphia. Instead, he was in New York with the Continental Army, preparing his troops to defend the new nation against the largest expeditionary force ever launched by the British Empire.


Pentagon Going to the Dogs  This story contains photos.    

WASHINGTON - For a second, it looked like Nike was going to join in singing the National Anthem.


De Leon Renews POW/MIA Full Accounting Pledge      

WASHINGTON - Accounting for those missing from past wars is a matter affecting today's readiness not just payment of a debt come due, according to Deputy Defense Secretary Rudy de Leon.


DoD Announces Slight Child Care Fee Hike      

WASHINGTON - Fees at military child care facilities will increase by about $1 to $2 more per child each week for the 2000-2001 school year, DoD officials announced June 21.


22 Asian Americans Inducted into Hall of Heroes  This story contains photos.    

WASHINGTON - Twenty-two Asian-American soldiers were finally recognized for their heroism when they received the nation's highest military award -- the Medal of Honor -- during a White House ceremony June 21.


NCOs Offer Voice of Experience      

WASHINGTON - As the Army two-star general sat down to lunch with several E-9s and their spouses, he pointed at an Air Force chief master sergeant and gruffly snapped, "You're in charge."


Washington Ceremonies Commemorate Korean War Start  This story contains photos.    

WASHINGTON - A Korean War veteran attending ceremonies here marking the 50th anniversary of the start of the Korean War June 25, carried a sign saying, “Forgotten No More.”


CENTCOM Chief Zinni Talks Issues, Bids Farewell  This story contains photos.    

WASHINGTON - For the last few years, Marine Corps Gen. Anthony Zinni has been on watch in one of the world's most troubled regions, a land of oil wells and deserts, staunch allies and determined enemies.


Top NCOs Say Forum Worthwhile, Too Short      

WASHINGTON - While it was a great opportunity to exchange views, the time allotted for DoD’s first Senior Enlisted Forum was too short.


Top NCOs Call for Pay, QOL Reforms      

WASHINGTON - It’s a major step when service members are promoted to NCO ranks. That's when they become responsible for the welfare, training, and safety of junior service members.


Military News Briefs for the Week of June 23, 2000      

WASHINGTON - Most service members will see a pay increase in July as a result of the final leg of the compensation triad passed by Congress last year.


Couple Recall Navy Careers, 55 Years of Married Bliss  This story contains photos.    

GULFPORT, Miss. - Jules H. "Skeets" Powers and Marian Ditzler were making their mothers leather purses in the hobby shop at Naval Air Auxiliary Station Kingsville, Texas, when Marian's boyfriend announced he was getting out of the Navy early.


Independent Assessment Says Missile Defense on Track      

WASHINGTON - The proposed limited National Missile Defense system "is on track to achieve the earliest capability to meet the defined limited threat," an independent assessment team said.


Independence Day 2000 Message From the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff      

WASHINGTON - On July 4, 1776, the 13 American colonies declared their independence. The first Patriots, with diverse backgrounds, representing different regions and interests, were united in their quest for freedom and their willingness to fight for liberty. Despite the considerable risk of almost certain defeat at the hands of the greatest land and sea power of that age, they ultimately triumphed and a new, independent United States of America emerged.


Memorial Reminds That 'Freedom Is Not Free'  This story contains photos.    

WASHINGTON - Visitors to the Korean War Veterans Memorial here are greeted by a patrol of 19 stainless steel statues trudging toward an objective.


DoD Task Force Looks at Domestic Violence      

WASHINGTON - In the military, "family" ranks right up there with "duty, honor, country." Strong families mean ready forces. Troubled families mean trouble.


DoD Working Toward First-Class Civilian Education System  This story contains photos.    

WASHINGTON - DoD has a potential civilian employee problem, and Jerome Smith is working on preventing it.


Women's Health a Major Concern; Needs More Attention  This story contains photos.    

WASHINGTON - Women's health is a major concern, but it hasn't received the kind of attention in clinical trials that it deserves, U.S. Surgeon General Dr. David Satcher recently told an audience here.


Military Fantasy Job Contest Continues through July 4      

WASHINGTON - Web surfers have until July 4 to submit essays for the Yahoo! Military Fantasy Job contest.


Chairman, Baseball Commissioner Honor Korean War Veterans      

ARLINGTON, Va. - For sports broadcaster, former MVP and New York Yankees second baseman Jerry Coleman, it wasn't the game that defined his life. It was his military service as a Marine aviator during World War II and Korea.


WWW.Huh?: Absentee Voting Deadlines Sooner Than You Think      

WASHINGTON - Nov. 7, Election Day, is less than five months away. That may seem like a long time, but voting officials recommend absentee voters request ballots 45 days in advance, even further in advance if they haven’'t yet registered to vote in their home district. Hmm … that window of opportunity is starting to narrow.


U.S. Women Win Bronze at 2000 CISM Triathlon Championship      

WASHINGTON - The U.S. military women's triathlon team posted a time of 7:06.43 to capture third place June 14 in the 2000 Conseil International du Sport Militaire World Military Championship in Sabaudia, Italy.


Most Service Members Will See Pay Hikes in July      

WASHINGTON - Most service members will see their pay increase in July as a result of the final leg of the compensation triad passed by Congress last year.


No U.S. Troop Reductions Planned in Korea      

WASHINGTON - The United States is encouraged by the accord signed by the presidents of South and North Korea, but officials say no U.S. troop reductions in South Korea are contemplated.


Military News Briefs for the Week of June 16, 2000      

WASHINGTON - A first-of-its-kind Senior Enlisted Forum is slated June 22 at the Pentagon.


Engaging Russia at Center of Recent Cohen Trip      

WASHINGTON - Keeping the Russians engaged in Europe and with America emerged as the theme for Defense Secretary William S. Cohen’s latest trip to Europe.


DoD Forum to Spotlight Senior Enlisted      

WASHINGTON - A first-of-its-kind Senior Enlisted Forum, hosted by Defense Secretary William S. Cohen and his wife, Janet Langhart Cohen, is slated June 22 at the Pentagon.


Russia, U.S. Agree to Expand Cooperation, Disagree on NMD      

WASHINGTON - Russia and the United States will expand cooperation in a number of areas, but they disagree on missile defense issues.


New Dental Plan Expands Services, Includes Reservists      

WASHINGTON - DoD's new TRICARE Dental Program will feature lower premiums, expanded services and cost ceilings, and will allow reservists and their families to enroll.


Cohen Cautious on Russian TMD Counterbid, Seeks More Detail      

MOSCOW - Russian President Vladimir Putin last week presented his own theater missile defense idea, but it would cause problems for the United States, Defense Secretary William Cohen said June 9 in Brussels, Belgium.


Baltic Ministers, Cohen Discuss Engaging Russia, NATO Membership  This story contains photos.    

MOSCOW - Engaging Russia and progress toward NATO membership were two items Defense Secretary William S. Cohen discussed June 10 during the Third Annual Nordic-Baltic- U.S. Defense Ministerial in Vilnius, Lithuania.


Jets Escort Cohen to Swedish Defense Talks, Vasa Visit  This story contains photos.    

STOCKHOLM, Sweden - When Defense Secretary William S. Cohen's plane entered Swedish air space June 9 he got an indication that this would be more than just an ordinary trip.


Army Triathletes Cop All-Service Gold, Lead U.S. Team to CISM Meet      

FORT EUSTIS, Va. - Labored breathing, cramps, blisters and dehydration are all in a day's work for triathletes, and that's what awaited more than 80 competitors in the 2000 Armed Forces Triathlon Championship here June 3.


Commissary's "Best Value" Promises Quality at Lowest Prices      

FORT LEE, Va. - What's in a name? For some shoppers, everything. For others, price is the most important factor in their grocery-buying decisions.


Portugal Joins F-16 Group, Precision Munitions Group Formed      

BRUSSELS, Belgium - Improving NATO interoperability was at the heart of a June 9 ceremony here that included Portugal in the Multi-National Fighter Program.


Military News Briefs for the Week of June 9, 2000      

WASHINGTON - Tobacco use in DoD has dropped significantly in the last two decades, generally mirroring civilian rates. But 30 percent of the active duty force still smokes.


Kosovo: One Year Later      

WASHINGTON - NATO troops have made huge strides toward ending ethnic strife since the Kosovo Force entered Yugoslavia's southern province one year ago June 11, but the international community still has a long way to go.


The Passing of the Torch  This story contains photos.    

NEW ORLEANS - Music can sometimes give you a shiver down your back.


Defense Ministers Chart NATO Progress      

BRUSSELS, Belgium - NATO defense ministers charted progress in the Defense Capabilites Initiative and in Kosovo during Defense Ministerial meetings here June 8.


Korean War Death Stats Highlight Modern DoD Safety Record      

WASHINGTON - A recent clarification by Pentagon officials about Korean War deaths spotlighted just how far DoD has come in providing a safe atmosphere for U.S. service members.


NATO Chief Says Allies Must Spend More for Defense      

BRUSSELS, Belgium - The same commitment that saw NATO triumph in Kosovo will see the alliance through painful changes that will allow the 19 countries to adapt to a new world, NATO Secretary-General George Robertson said here.


America Honors 'Greatest Generation'  This story contains photos.    

NEW ORLEANS - In 1938, the man who would be its commander in chief, President Franklin D. Roosevelt, said the generation coming of age had "a rendezvous with destiny."


U.S. Will Study Russian Missile Defense Proposals      

BRUSSELS, Belgium - Russian leaders agreeing there is a threat of missile attack from rogue states marks a “significant change in the attitude and understanding” of the U.S. push for a national missile defense, Defense Secretary William S. Cohen said.


Less Smoking Improves Troops' Health, Cuts Healthcare Costs      

WASHINGTON - Tobacco use in DoD has dropped significantly in the last two decades, generally mirroring civilian rates. But 30 percent of the active duty force still smokes.


Alcohol Abuse Costs DoD Dearly      

WASHINGTON - Twenty-one percent of service members admit to drinking heavily -- a statistic the military hasnt managed to lower in 20 years -- but service officials are determined to change that.


Funding Holdup Threatens Army Training, Civilian Hires      

NEW ORLEANS - If Congress fails to pass the emergency supplemental bill for Kosovo, Army officials say they will have to start curtailing military training, canceling construction projects and deferring maintenance.


Cohens Tour D-Day Museum  This story contains photos.    

NEW ORLEANS - Like a proud father, historian and best-selling author Stephen E. Ambrose showed off his baby, the National D-Day Museum, to his guests.


Mrs. Kirwan Goes to Washington: A DoD Cinderella Story  This story contains photos.    

WASHINGTON - You never know where life is going to take you. Ask Kelli Kirwan. She won't hesitate to tell you that Cinderella stories still come true.


Civilians Vital to DoD Mission      

WASHINGTON - Civilian employees have served in every major American war since the Revolution, freeing service members to concentrate on winning battles. That tradition continues today, as roughly 700,000 civilians serve the Defense Department throughout the United States and at least 17 foreign lands as well.


Interest Grows in Music Pioneer James Europe, WWI Hero  This story contains photos.    

WASHINGTON - The name "Lt. James Reese Europe" etched into a graying, weathered tombstone doesn't mean anything to most visitors to Arlington (Va.) National Cemetery. It's just an obscure name among thousands on grave markers throughout the huge military burial ground.


Forum Lets Families Tell It Like It Is  This story contains photos.    

WASHINGTON - Despite all the top brass, the 100 service members and spouses who came to the Pentagon for the first Defense Secretary's Military Family Forum definitely weren't shy.


Military News Briefs for the Week of June 2, 2000      

WASHINGTON - Military family members convened at the Pentagon May 31 for the first Defense Secretary's Military Families Forum and to speak out on the issues that affect their daily lives. First, three DoD panels presented information on pay and compensation, financial stability, education, commissary and exchange benefits and other topics and then the floor opened to questions.


Military Families Share QOL 'Best Practices'      

WASHINGTON - Nearly 100 military families shared ways to improve military quality of life during the first Military Family Forum here May 31.


Cohen, Shelton, Top Leaders Hear How It Is      

WASHINGTON - No news was good news May 31, 2000, for the top DoD officials who attended the first annual Military Family Forum hosted by Defense Secretary William S. Cohen and his wife, Janet Langhart Cohen.


Joint Vision 2020 Emphasizes Full-spectrum Dominance      

WASHINGTON - "Full-spectrum dominance" is the key term in "Joint Vision 2020," the blueprint DoD will follow in the future.


Cohen Trip Focuses on NATO, Russia      

WASHINGTON - Defense Secretary William S. Cohen will meet with NATO defense ministers in Brussels, Belgium, and with Russian officials in Moscow next week.

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