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Computer Technology Enables the Disabled  This story contains photos.    

WASHINGTON - Seville Allen's fingers glided across a silver-studded black strip below a computer keyboard. On the computer terminal above, words and sentences magically appeared.


DoD and the Year 2000 Problem      

WASHINGTON - The year 2000 computer problem could degrade DoD readiness if it is not addressed aggressively and quickly, a top DoD official told Congress, recently.


Shalikashvili Cites Ingredients for Bosnia Success      

WASHINGTON - Success in Bosnia is due to having a clearly defined, well-manned, well-equipped mission that has not been micromanaged, according to the nation's senior ranking officer.


Exercise Fairwinds Continues in Haiti      

WASHINGTON - Although most U.S. service members have left Haiti, about 250 remain as part of Exercise Fairwinds, an ongoing humanitarian training mission, according to DoD officials.


Sharing Resources Expands Health Services      

NAVAL HOSPITAL BREMERTON, Wash. - TRICARE expands access to health care by sharing services among military clinics and augmenting military staffs with civilian providers.


Clark Nominated for U.S. Southern Command  This story contains photos.    

WASHINGTON - President Clinton nominated Army Lt. Gen. Wesley K. Clark for appointment to general and assignment as commander, U.S. Southern Command.


TRICARE Opens Doors to Health Care      

TACOMA, Wash. - "I'm sorry, ma'am, all pediatrics appointments for the month have been filled. Please call back on the first Tuesday of next month, between 7:30 and 10 a.m. ..."


Liberia Evacuation Ends, Security Guard Remains  This story contains photos.    

WASHINGTON - While most of the U.S. service members who helped evacuate Americans from Liberia head back to bases in Europe, about 200 will stay to protect the embassy in Monrovia, DoD officials said.


Modernization Plan Will Help DoD Maintain Military      

WASHINGTON - DoD's modernization plans will upgrade military readiness while supporting efforts to balance the federal budget, Deputy Defense Secretary John P. White said recently.


HIV Vaccine Ineffective, Study Concludes      

WASHINGTON - A five-year trial of a candidate vaccine for HIV treatment ended in failure, U.S. Army Medical Research and Materiel Command officials announced April 17.


Shalikashvili Says U.S. Must Maintain Strong Defense      

WASHINGTON - Job description: Make sure the U. S. military is ready and strong enough to fight and win against all challengers.


Commander in Chief's Award for Installation Excellence      

WASHINGTON - Five stateside defense installations earned the 1996 Commander in Chief's Award for Installation Excellence.


Clinton, Hashimoto Sign Security Declaration      

WASHINGTON - The Japan-U.S. Declaration on Security signed in Tokyo will maintain U.S. presence in East Asia, said President Clinton and Japanese Prime Minister Ryutaro Hashimoto during a press conference.


DoD Seeks to Improve U.S. Missile Defenses      

WASHINGTON - Lessons learned in Desert Storm are helping DoD improve its ballistic missile defense capabilities, Defense Secretary William J. Perry told students at Georgetown University, recently.


DoD Plans to Use Self-Destructing Land Mines      

WASHINGTON - As people throughout the world call for a ban on land mines, DoD is finding ways to use only self-destructing mines, according to a Pentagon spokesman.


Digital X-rays Save Time, Maybe Lives      

MADIGAN ARMY MEDICAL CENTER, Wash. - When her physician ordered Xrays, Army Maj. Marilou Nosco knew the drill: Go downstairs to radiology, take a number, put on a hospital gown, get the Xrays, get dressed, wait for the film to be developed, then carry them back upstairs.


Rogue Regimes, Tools of Terror: Countering a Lethal Threat      

WASHINGTON - While old enemies have laid down their swords, new foes are taking up the tools of death and destruction, according to Defense Secretary William J. Perry.


Okinawa Holdings Cut, But U.S. Presence Still Vital      

WASHINGTON - In a move to reduce the burden on the Japanese people without reducing U.S. military capability in the Asia-Pacific region, DoD is returning 20 percent of the land U.S. forces use in Okinawa.


Clinton Says U.S. Stands Firm in Asia      

WASHINGTON - Without American troops, the stability and prosperity of Asia could be in danger -- and so could Americas, according to President Clinton.


Navy, Army Win Bowling; Airman, Soldier Take Overall      

WASHINGTON, DC - Air Force Maj. Mark Seifert and Army Command Sgt. Maj. Debra Smith captured overall titles at the armed forces bowling championships. Nearly 50 bowlers competed in the four-day event held recently at Fort Jackson, S.C.


Navy Captures Men's Basketball Title  This story contains photos.    

WASHINGTON, DC - A balanced scoring attack and tough man-to-man defense paced Navy to the 1996 armed forces men's basketball championship at Camp Lejeune, N.C., recently.


TRICARE: The Wellness Approach      

FORT LEWIS, Wash. - If people are healthier, they won't need as much medical care.


European Command Updates R&R Policy      

WASHINGTON - Rest and recuperation leaves for Operation Joint Endeavor troops began recently.


U.S. Forces Evacuate Americans, Others from Liberia      

WASHINGTON - U.S. service members are evacuating American and third country nationals from Liberia, Pentagon officials said.


Smith Says Bosnia Prisoner Issue Still Sore Spot      

WASHINGTON - The NATO Implementation Force commander in Bosnia-Herzegovina continues to push for unconditional release of all prisoners factions hold.


Police, Checkpoints Pose Problems in Bosnia      

WASHINGTON - Military operations are progressing well in Bosnia-Herzegovina, the commander of NATO's implementation force said, but he has concerns about how the country will proceed toward peace.


Army Retains Armed Forces Womens' Basketball Title  This story contains photos.    

WASHINGTON, DC - Army bombed Air Force, 60-38, and cruised to its third straight armed forces women's' basketball title at Memphis Naval Air Station, Tenn.


Kross Nominated as Commander, Transportation Command      

WASHINGTON - President Clinton nominated Air Force Lt. Gen. Walter Kross for appointment to general with assignment as commander in chief, U.S. Transportation Command.


DoD Looks to Outsourcing to Improve Combat Edge      

WASHINGTON - Let DoD do what it does best; let contractors do what they do best.


TRICARE Report Card: High Marks, Room for Improvement      

WASHINGTON - Thousands more than expected have signed up for TRICARE Prime, the top option under DoD's new managed health care program. This comes under the "good news, bad news" category for DoD officials. It was good so many wanted to participate, but it slowed processing procedures.


Last Journey Home      

WASHINGTON - Commerce Secretary Ron Brown and those who died with him on a Croatian mountainside were "the best of America," President Clinton said during a solemn homecoming ceremony at Dover Air Force Base, Del., April 6.


Old Foes, New Choices in Albania      

TIRANA, ALBANIA - When the walls of the Soviet empire came tumbling down, the former Yugoslavia viciously turned upon itself like a mad dog biting off its own tail.


Bosnia Troops to Get Up to 15 Days' Rest and      

WASHINGTON - Operation Joint Endeavor service members slated for peacekeeping duties over 180 days are eligible for up to 15 days of rest and recuperation. The policy, approved March 21, affects active duty personnel, reservists and DoD civilians deployed to Bosnia and adjacent areas.


Evaluations Find No Single Cause for Gulf War Ills      

WASHINGTON - After evaluating more than 18,000 Gulf War veterans who reported illnesses following service in the Middle East, the Pentagon said there's still no evidence of a singular cause.


Perry Loses Another Friend to Bosnian War      

CAIRO, Egypt - Bill Perry has now lost two friends to the war in Bosnia, but he said their lives were not wasted because they died in pursuit of peace.


Bosnia Mission: Moving from War to Peace      

TUZLA, BOSNIA - For those who deployed to Bosnia nearly four months ago, signs of peace are evident in the flow of traffic and the whistle of a freight train.


U.S. Troops Support War Crimes Tribunal      

TUZLA, BOSNIA - U.S. soldiers are now supporting the international war crimes tribunal investigating alleged war crime sites in the Srebrenica area, a DoD spokesman said.


DoD International Security Affairs Chief Confirmed      

WASHINGTON - Franklin Kramer has been confirmed by the U.S. Senate as assistant secretary of defense for international security affairs.


Health Budget Proposal Reflects TRICARE Savings      

WASHINGTON - DoD's ability to contain health care costs as it transitions from CHAMPUS to TRICARE contributed to a smaller budget request for fiscal 1997.


Ace Guardsmen: Pet Rescuers  This story contains photos.    

WASHINGTON, DC - A throng of Wisconsin National Guardsmen rushed to help residents of Weyauwega in early March after a freight train carrying propane gas derailed in the town.


Support Command Supplies NATOs Peace Force      

ZAGREB, CROATIA - Anyone whos ever served in the military understands the catchall phrase, "additional duties as assigned." It means be prepared to do anything, anywhere, anytime Uncle Sam needs you.


GI Bill, In-Service Courses, Boost Recruiting, Retention      

WASHINGTON - The Montgomery GI Bill has entered the second decade of existence hailed as a major contributor to the success of the All-Volunteer Force, Army Lt. Gen. Samuel E. Ebbesen recently told Congress.


Reserve Affairs Chief Rebuts GAO Report      

WASHINGTON - DoD's reserve affairs chief repudiated General Accounting Office criticism of reserve component combat abilities during recent Senate testimony.


Congress Eyes Closing On-Base Schools      

WASHINGTON, DC - DoD is conducting a congressionally mandated survey of more than 45,000 parents to assess the education their children receive in elementary and secondary schools on stateside military installations.


Corps of Engineers Names Best Projects      

WASHINGTON, DC - Three projects by the Army Corps of Engineers district in St. Paul, Minn., captured top honors at the 1996 Chief of Engineers Design and Environmental Awards competition.


Perry Says No More Checkpoints      

ZAGREB, CROATIA - NATOs Implementation Force will no longer tolerate checkpoints in Bosnia, according to Defense Secretary William J. Perry.


DoD Asks for $18.4 Billion for Reserves      

WASHINGTON - "We're in good, but tight shape" is the way Deborah Lee described the fiscal 1997 reserve component budget.


Separation, Early Retirement Programs to Continue      

WASHINGTON - Two separation programs designed to ease service members transition to civilian life will continue in fiscal 1997. DoD is also programming an additional $109 million to continue the early retirement program.


Isolation Wrong for America, Shalikashvili Says      

WASHINGTON - Isolation is wrong for America, the nation's ranking military officer said recently.


Survey Results Reveal Healthier Lifestyles      

WASHINGTON - Results of a 1995 worldwide DoD survey of health behaviors show service members are using alcohol, tobacco and illicit drugs at the lowest rates since the department began the survey in 1980.


DoD Leads the Way in Opportunities for Women      

WASHINGTON - Army Sgt. Heather Johnsen has gone where no woman has gone before.


Clinton Nominates Woman Marine for Third Star      

WASHINGTON - When Carol A. Mutter joined the U.S. Marine Corps nearly 29 years ago, there were no women generals among the few and the proud. By law, women couldn't be general officers.


Implementation Force Supports Recovery Efforts in      

WASHINGTON - Multinational troops monitoring peace in Bosnia are starting a new phase of their mission, according to U.S. Army Gen. George S. Joulwan, commander of NATOs peace implementation force.

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