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U.S. Rejects North Korean Explanation on Grounded Sub      

STOCKHOLM, Sweden - The United States rejects North Korea's explanation about why one of its submarines ran aground off the coast of South Korea, Defense Secretary William J. Perry said.


NATO Discusses Follow-on Force for Bosnia      

BERGEN, Norway - NATO officials are tasking military planners to look at possible follow-on missions for Bosnia, according to NATO Secretary General Javier Solana.


Perry Visits Saudi Arabian Base, Middle East Allies      

WASHINGTON - U.S. forces are flying more than 100 sorties a day from their new desert base at Prince Sultan Air Base near Al Kharj, Saudi Arabia, according to Defense Secretary William Perry.


Perry Says All's Quiet Over Iraq      

STOCKHOLM, Sweden - All's quiet over Iraq, but U.S. forces are keeping constant watch, according to Defense Secretary William J. Perry.


Perry Says NATO to Expand Relations With Russia      

HELSINKI, Finland - Picture this. A NATO office in downtown Moscow and a Russian office inside NATO headquarters in Belgium. Inconceivable? Not so, according to William J. Perry.


Kiosks Planned to Relieve TRICARE Confusion      

WASHINGTON - Confused about TRICARE? Don't know where to sign up for DoD's managed health care program? Concerned about the cost -- and whom to ask?


Army's Pauli, Malakoff Capture Tennis Titles      

WASHINGTON, DC - Two Army officers grabbed open tennis titles at the 1996 Army invitational tennis tournament, held Sept. 12-18 at Fort Eustis, Va.


Army Captures Armed Forces Team Tennis Tournament      

WASHINGTON, DC - Army tennis players chalked up 22 wins in 30 matches to win team honors at the 1996 armed forces tennis championships, held Sept. 12-18 at Fort Eustis, Va.


Powell Praises Black Civil War Monument  This story contains photos.    

WASHINGTON - The African-American Civil War Memorial is desperately needed to honor thousands of former slaves who helped the Union Army and Navy win the war, but whose contributions were ignored for more than 130 years. So said retired Army Gen. Colin Powell, former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff at memorial dedication ceremonies Sept. 13.


Teaching Teen-agers Life Skills      

WASHINGTON - Setting up programs to help teen-agers cope with life in the 1990s, withstand peer pressure, get through school and find jobs is challenging.


Joint Endeavor Succeeds, But Job Not Finished, Admiral      

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. - The implementation force assembled to enable peace in Bosnia has so far succeeded, but the job is not finished, according to Adm. Leighton W. Smith Jr.


Model Communities Program: Marketing Success      

WASHINGTON - DoD got the ball rolling; now it's up to local military communities to keep their youth programs going by proving they make a difference.


Perry Accepts Blame for Force Protection Lapses      

WASHINGTON - Defense Secretary William Perry stood by his commanders and accepted responsibility for what many in Congress and the media are calling a tragic failure to adequately protect U.S. forces at Khobar Towers.


DoD Details TRICARE Medicare Demonstration      

WASHINGTON - Up to 10 percent of military retirees over age 65 will be selected to participate in a test demonstrating health care for Medicare-eligible patients at DoD medical facilities, officials announced.


DoD Releases Report on Khobar Tower Bombing      

WASHINGTON - DoD needs more money, more people, better intelligence and advanced technology for force protection.


Perry Explains Force Modernization Funding      

WASHINGTON - DoD has handled the personnel drawdown well, but now must focus on modernizing equipment, Defense Secretary William J. Perry said.


Preparation, Higher Standards Helped Cooperative Osprey Troops  This story contains photos.    

Well-prepared platoons and higher standards made Partnership for Peace exercise Cooperative Osprey - bringing peacekeeping scenarios closer to what troops would face during a deployment.


North Carolina Guard Assists in Fran Cleanup      

WASHINGTON - Nearly a week after Hurricane Fran ripped through North Carolina, nearly 3,100 members of the state's Army and Air National Guard continue disaster relief efforts.


Commissaries End Organization Charge Sales      

FORT LEE, Va. - Defense Commissary Agency officials announced charge sales at stateside installations will end Oct. 1.


Some Joint Endeavor Voters May Cast Their Ballots by Fax      

WASHINGTON - Eighteen states, the District of Columbia and the U.S. Virgin Islands will allow U.S. citizens in Bosnia to vote by fax in the federal elections Nov. 5.


President Orders Safety Review of Executive Air Fleet      

WASHINGTON - President Clinton has ordered a top-to-bottom review of DoD's executive air fleet following four military plane crashes involving senior government officials or their staffs.


DoD to Demonstrate Health Care for Medicare-eligible      

WASHINGTON - Military retirees over age 65 got good news Sept. 11 concerning their health care: Announcement of a DoD demonstration of increased access to military medical facilities for Medicare-eligible beneficiaries.


New Toll-Free Numbers Can Aid Voters on Election Issues      

WASHINGTON - The Federal Voting Assistance Program recently announced four new toll-free voter information numbers for U.S. voters in Brazil, Panama, the Philippines and Switzerland.


North Carolina Bases Assess Fran's Damage      

WASHINGTON - Military bases in North Carolina continue to assess damage caused by Hurricane Fran, which hit land late Sept. 5 near Wilmington, N.C. Heavy rains and winds up to 115 miles an hour knocked out power, tumbled trees and caused property damage.


Quality Good, Access Not So Good, Health Care Survey      

WASHINGTON - Beneficiaries of DoD health care praise the quality of care but say it's still too hard to get an appointment, according to a DoD survey.


Health Affairs Tabs Navy Chief for Advisory Position      

WASHINGTON - Assistant Secretary of Defense for Health Affairs Dr. Stephen Joseph announced Sept. 9 the selection of Navy Master Chief Petty Officer Karen L. Sayers as his senior enlisted adviser.


Sheehan Calls for More Jointness in Military      

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. - America's global interests require a radical restructuring of the military services, according to Marine Corps Gen. John J. Sheehan, commander in chief of the U.S. Atlantic Command.


Perry Awards "M" Device to Reserve Components      

WASHINGTON - Secretary of Defense William J. Perry recently presented a new award called the "M" device to more than 220,000 members of the reserve components in recognition of their active duty service in crisis operations during the last six years.


Cooperative Osprey: Differences and Similarities      

CAMP LEJEUNE, N.C. - It's always been "us" and "them." "They" were part of the "Evil Empire," a cold, threatening place of strange languages, strange cultures, and just plain strangers.


Recent Election Results Prove Every Vote Counts      

WASHINGTON - Thousands of military voters are preparing for federal, state and local elections in November. Many of them may wonder whether their absentee ballots will affect elections in those districts.


Commissaries Match Exchange Tobacco Prices Nov. 1      

WASHINGTON - Commissaries will charge the same price for tobacco products as military exchanges starting Nov. 1.


Cruise Missile Provides Flexible, Undetectable Power      

WASHINGTON - Cruise missiles used in the recent U.S. retaliation against Iraq provide accurate firepower from a long distance with little chance of enemy detection.


U.S. Responds to Iraqi Aggression, Extends No-Fly      

WASHINGTON, Sept. 4 - President Clinton ordered cruise missile strikes Monday against targets in southern Iraq in retaliation for Iraqi aggression against the Kurds.

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