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Florida Clinic Showcases Quality Medicine      

PATRICK AIR FORCE BASE, Fla. - Two years ago, Col. William S. Swindling faced a difficult decision. The Air Force told him to cut the 45th Medical Group staff by 24 percent. He had to decide when to make the cuts and how to continue delivering quality health care to a growing population with fewer medics.


No "Knock-out Punch," Just Compelling Force      

WASHINGTON - NATO has not delivered a "knock-out punch" to Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic, but the 19-nation alliance has done "one hell of a lot" in seven days, according to NATO's operational spokesman.


Recruitment Ads: New Strategies, New Messages      

WASHINGTON - Match the following phrases to their products:


Serbs Destroy Refugees' Identity Papers      

WASHINGTON - Serb border guards are systematically confiscating and destroying Kosovar refugees' birth certificates, marriage licenses, property deeds and other public documents, according to NATO officials.


U.S., NATO Turn Thumbs Down on Milosevic Offer      

WASHINGTON - President Clinton, British Prime Minister Tony Blair, German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder, French President Jacques Chirac and other NATO leaders have rejected a March 29 Yugoslav proposal to end the fighting in Kosovo.


No Silver Bullet to Stop Serb Aggression      

WASHINGTON - NATO air forces continue to pound the Yugoslav military despite bad weather, but there is "no silver bullet" to stop ethnic cleansing, according to senior U.S. defense chiefs.


DoD Modifies Program for Anthrax Shots      

WASHINGTON - Service members, DoD emergency essential civilian employees and contractors must now receive anthrax vaccinations if they'll spend any time in one of 10 high-threat areas, the Pentagon announced March 31. Previously, only DoD personnel who were deploying for more than 30 days to a high-threat area had to start the six-shot vaccine series.


Serb Terror, Ethnic Cleansing Reach New Heights      

WASHINGTON - A "modern-day great terror" is sweeping Kosovo as Serb-inflicted ethnic cleansing reaches new heights, NATO spokesman Jamie Shea said on Day 7 of NATO's air campaign against Yugoslav military forces.


Narrow Miss for THAAD      

WASHINGTON - This time the interceptor came close -- possibly within 30 meters of its target Hera missile. But for the ninth time, the THAAD failed to hit its target.


Refugee Exodus Spurs NATO Strikes      

WASHINGTON - NATO is expanding its around-the-clock air campaign against Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic's forces in a race to stop his "murderous ways," Pentagon spokesman Ken Bacon said here March 29.


U.S. Commits More Air Power to Allied Force      

WASHINGTON - The United States is adding more planes to its contingent of more than 250 aircraft and 7,300 service members supporting NATO Operation Allied Force.


NATO's Allied Force Tightening the Noose on Serbs      

WASHINGTON - NATO is tightening the noose around the Serb war machine, NATO spokesman Jamie Shea said March 29. "It's true that President [Slobodan] Milosevic is tenacious, but so are we."


Kosovo Matters Because Europe Matters, Cohen and Shelton Say      

WASHINGTON - Why is Kosovo, a small Serb province thousands of miles away, important to America?


Stealth Pilot OK, NATO Mission Intensifies      

WASHINGTON - The American Stealth fighter pilot shot down over Yugoslavia is in good shape and in safe hands, NATO officials announced March 28.


Stealth Fighter Down in Yugoslavia, Pilot Rescued      

WASHINGTON - A U.S. F-117 Stealth fighter went down outside of Belgrade, Yugoslavia, March 27. A U.S. combat search and rescue team picked up the pilot several hours after the crash, and all returned safely to an undisclosed allied base.


Allied Force Aircraft Continue Bombing Campaign      

WASHINGTON - Most NATO air attacks on Yugoslavia hit the country's air defense network, but some 20 percent struck army and special police units in Kosovo, Pentagon spokesman Ken Bacon said March 25.


U.S. Forces Korea Strengthens Alliance of Hope      

WASHINGTON - Forty-five years after an armistice ended fighting on the Korean Peninsula, the need for United States-backed deterrence and defense remains critical to Asian stability in general and South Korea in particular. Training side-by-side, U.S. and Republic of Korea combat units prepare for war but hope for peace.


Memorial Tells Obscure Facts About Women's Military Service  This story contains photos.    

WASHINGTON - Stories about women who masqueraded as men on the battlefield, survived prisoner of war camps, died in combat and other pieces of obscure history come to light at the Women in Military Service for America Memorial.


Institute Continues Quest for Equal Opportunity in DoD      

PATRICK AIR FORCE BASE, Fla., March 25, 1999 - The equal opportunity environment has certainly gotten better since racial strife during the 1960s rocked ships at sea and military bases at home and overseas. But that doesn't mean there aren't any problems, said the commandant of the Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute.


Base Closure Communities Get DoD Help      

WASHINGTON - Defense Secretary William Cohen knows about base closures, from both sides.


Women on Stamps: Sending a Message to America      

WASHINGTON - Millions of women have put their stamp on America. The nation has put some of them on its postage stamps to honor their achievements and service.


Allied Force Pilots Down Three Serb Fighters      

WASHINGTON - NATO forces struck more than 40 military targets and shot down three Serb fighters March 24 during the first wave of air attacks aimed at ending the Kosovo crisis.


Broadcaster Cokie Roberts Speaks at Women's Memorial      

WASHINGTON - ABC television correspondent Cokie Roberts kept her audience laughing March 16 with a barrage of anecdotes about women during a "brown bag lunch" at the Women in Military Service for America Memorial at Arlington (Va.) National Cemetery.


First NATO Strikes Aimed at Serb Air Defenses      

WASHINGTON - The first wave of NATO Operation Allied Force primarily targeted Yugoslavia's extensive air defense system, according to the Pentagon's top leaders.


NATO Attacks Serbs to Stop Kosovo Killings      

WASHINGTON - U.S. forces along with their NATO allies have started an air campaign against Serbia, President Clinton announced March 24.


NATO Orders Air Strikes to End "Humanitarian Catastrophe"      

WASHINGTON - With the collapse of diplomatic efforts March 23, NATO ordered its top military commander to conduct air strikes against Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic's military and special police forces.


Clinton Makes Case for Kosovo Intervention      

WASHINGTON - "The Kosovars said yes to peace; Serbia put 40,000 troops and 300 tanks in and around Kosovo," and that's why the United States must be part of the solution there, President Clinton said March 23.


NATO Air Strikes Imminent      

WASHINGTON - On the brink of what are heralded to be swift and severe NATO air strikes, U.S. officials say its now up to Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic to avert military action.


U.S., NATO Pilots Face Air Defense Threat      

WASHINGTON - If NATO air strikes are ordered, U.S. and NATO pilots will face a serious air defense threat in Yugoslavia, Pentagon spokesman Ken Bacon said March 23.


Exception Allows Expeditionary Medal For Balkans      

WASHINGTON - It is bronze, 1 1/4 inches in diameter, and displays the image of an eagle standing on a sword loosened in it scabbard. It is the Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal and today the Pentagon announced that it will be awarded to service members who took part in or provided direct support to operations Joint Endeavor or Joint Guard in the Balkans.


New DoD Policy Requires Security Pledge  This story contains photos.    

WASHINGTON - Leading by example is one of the basic tenets of military leadership. Deputy Defense Secretary John Hamre did just that, March 18, when he reaffirmed his commitment to protect classified information.


We Face Same Challenges, Cohen, Shelton Tell Marshall Center Students      

WASHINGTON - How do you convince safe, prosperous people to ante up for future security?


Services Grapple with Recruiting Challenges      

WASHINGTON - The economy pulled a fast one on military recruiting, leaving the services struggling to recover and retain a strong force.


Clinton Says NATO Must Act in Kosovo      

WASHINGTON - NATO must act now that peace talks have failed to end the Kosovo crisis, President Clinton said March 18 at a White House press conference.


DFAS Chief Says Pay Will Be OK, Despite Y2K      

WASHINGTON - Extinction looms for the last "Y2K bugs" that may be hiding in DoD payroll systems, the Defense Finance and Accounting Service director said in a recent interview.


Military Women's Memorial Still Growing      

WASHINGTON - The stories of nearly 300,000 servicewomen are preserved in computerized registry of the Women in Military Service to America Memorial at Arlington National Cemetery.


U.S. Team to Travel to Italy to Review Aviation Safety      

WASHINGTON - The Pentagon announced March 16 that a U.S. team will travel to Italy next week to review aviation safety procedures.


Kosovar Albanians OK Peace Pact as Paris Talks Resume      

WASHINGTON - Ethnic Albanian leaders from Kosovo agreed in Paris March 15 to sign a peace proposal with Serbia, so now it's up to Serb President Slobodan Milosevic to end the violence, according to senior defense officials.


Poles, Hungarians, Czechs Join NATO Fold      

WASHINGTON - The North Atlantic Treaty Organization accepted the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland as its newest members March 12 during accession ceremonies at the Truman Presidential Library in Independence, Mo.


DoD Salutes Women's History Month  This story contains photos.    

WASHINGTON - Women have come a long way over the last 200 years, moving from support roles to roles of combat and leadership in the armed forces, said Dr. Sue Bailey.


Vigilant Pilots Face Iraqi Threats      

AL JABER AIR BASE, Kuwait - Vigilance has replaced complacency in the skies over Iraq, according to U.S. fliers patrolling the no-fly zones.


Cohen Offers to Share Intel with Gulf Leaders      

KUWAIT CITY, Kuwait - Defense Secretary William S. Cohen met with senior leaders in six Gulf states in early March and offered to share early warning information about missile launches in Iran or Iraq.


Cohen Salutes Israeli Rescue Effort      

TEL AVIV, Israel - When terrorists strike one nation, it represents a strike against all peace-loving nations, Defense Secretary William S. Cohen said at the Israeli defense ministry here March 12.


DoD Web Site Showcases U.S. Forces Korea      

WASHINGTON - American Forces Press Service has established a web site to showcase U.S. Forces Korea (USFK). The web site presents a variety of articles, photos, maps and video clips on topics such as the USFK mission, history of U.S. involvement in Korea and an overview of what a military servicemember should expect during a tour of duty in Korea. The site is www.defenselink.mil/specials/korea/.


25 Years of Anthrax Shots: First-hand Accounts of Vaccine Safety      

FORT DETRICK, Md. - John Kondig began receiving anthrax vaccinations more than 25 years ago. Then, he was a soldier working at Walter Reed Army Medical Center's research laboratory, here.


Army Sweeps Armed Forces Men's Giant Slalom Championship      

STOWE, Vt. - A Chinook pilot, a West Point cadet and an aviation company operations officer swept the men's Armed Forces Giant Slalom Championship here Mar. 4.


Clinton Thanks U.S. Troops in Central America Relief Effort  This story contains photos.    

SOTO CANO AIR BASE, Honduras - President Bill Clinton thanked base personnel March 9 for their service during Hurricane Mitch disaster relief operations in Central America and announced the awards of the Humanitarian Service Medal and Joint Meritorious Unit Award to Joint Task Force-Bravo members.


When Diplomacy Fails, It's Time for Action, Cohen Says      

KUWAIT CITY, Kuwait - When talk fails, it's time for action, according to Defense Secretary William S. Cohen.


U.S. Helps Middle East Allies Modernize Forces      

TEL AVIV, Israel - The United States is providing foreign military funding to Jordan and Egypt to help modernize their defense forces, according to Defense Secretary William S. Cohen.


Reserve Sets Up Web Security Cell      

WASHINGTON - High-speed computers with memory not available off the shelf are beginning to fill a room at the Defense Information Systems Agency in Arlington, Va. There, 22 reservists will soon start scanning DoD Internet Web sites for operations security violations.


Getting Word Out on Defense Reform Initiative      

WASHINGTON - The Defense Reform Initiative will be successful if all DoD workers understand what it's about, Defense Secretary William Cohen said during a March 1 news conference.


Every Entry Wins in YMCA Young Readers Essay Contest      

SPRINGFIELD, Va. - Every youngster who enters the Armed Services YMCA Young Readers Project essay contest wins a prize this year.


Cohen Declares Iraq No-Fly Zones "Successful"      

DOHA, Qatar - "Has the U.S. containment policy toward Iraq been successful? The answer is yes," Defense Secretary William S. Cohen told international reporters here March 9.


Defending Against Invisible Killers -- Biological Agents      

WASHINGTON - You can't see, smell or taste them, so how do you fight biological agents?


Web Site Highlights Women's Contributions to U.S. Defense      

WASHINGTON - The American Forces Information Service has established a Women's History Month Web site with stories and other features aimed at highlighting women's contributions to the military. The site also provides links to other related sites within and outside DoD.


Duty-Bound to Order Anthrax Shots, Cohen Says      

AL JABER AIR BASE, Kuwait - Defense Secretary William S. Cohen said he would be "derelict" in his duties if he failed to protect U.S. service members from anthrax and other biological weapons.


Joint Staff Releases Information Operations Doctrine  This story contains photos.    

WASHINGTON - The United States military is under almost daily
attack. DoD routinely detects 80 to 100 "cyberincidents" on
computer systems each day.


1999 is "Year of Testing" Y2K Solutions, Hamre Says      

WASHINGTON - Deputy Defense Secretary John Hamre told lawmakers that 1999 is "the year of testing" and that DoD has made excellent progress in ensuring the department is Year 2000 compliant.


Cohen Notes "National Treasure" at Desert Site  This story contains photos.    

RIYADH AIR BASE, Saudi Arabia - America's men and women in uniform are "a national treasure," Defense Secretary William S. Cohen told soldiers here March 7.


Program Prepares Civilians for Bright Futures      

WASHINGTON - The Pentagon is shining a light on its brightest civilian prospects, growing future leaders through a comprehensive program of training, education and development.


Death of Bahrain Ruler a Great Loss, Says Cohen      

MANAMA, Bahrain - Defense Secretary William S. Cohen and Bahraini ruler Emir Sheikh Isa bin Sulman Alkhalifa met March 6 according to schedule. For 30 minutes, the long-time friends discussed peace in the Persian Gulf region and other defense matters and then parted.


Policy Aims at World-Class Acquisition Force      

WASHINGTON - It's a fact of life that if you don't stay on top of what's happening in your career field, you will be left behind.


DoD Committed to Preventing Family Violence      

Washington - When defense officials talk about DoDs Family Advocacy Program, three words get used often -- strong, effective, committed.


Cohen: U.S./Italian Ties Will Withstand Cable Car Verdict      

NAPLES - NAPLES - Calling the March 4 acquittal of U.S. Marine Corps Capt. Richard Ashby a difficult, but fair decision, Defense Secretary William S. Cohen said he believed U.S./Italian ties would remain strong despite Italy's emotional reaction over the verdict.


Youthful Dream Fulfilled  This story contains photos.    

WASHINGTON - Velma L. Richardson wrote "Army officer" in her eighth-grade dream book and she remembers some of her classmates laughed at her.


Cohen Says U.S. Will Contain Iraq      

WASHINGTON - Americas will to contain Saddam Hussein remains strong, Defense Secretary William S. Cohen said enroute to the Persian Gulf. Our containment policy remains intact, he said.


Clinton Lauds Military's Equal Opportunity      

WASHINGTON - Regardless of race or gender, the military gives people the maximum opportunity to live up to their abilities, President Clinton said in an Armed Forces Radio and Television "Special Assignment" interview slated to be broadcast later this month.


This M-16 Round's "Friendly," But Still Deadly  This story contains photos.    

WASHINGTON - Some range NCOs talk about "slinging lead down range." In the future they'll have to talk about "slinging tungsten and tin."


Clinton Says Military Life Tough But Essential to Freedom      

WASHINGTON - Most people don't know how hard service members work, or how stressful military life is for families, according to the nation's commander in chief.


Voting Program Announces Slogan Contest (corrected copy)      

WASHINGTON - Service members, family members and federal workers have until July 6 to enter a slogan contest to get out the vote in year 2000 elections.


Air Force Wins Armed Forces Cross Country Championship      

NAVAL STATION MAYPORT, Fla. - The Air Force swept the three team events and two of three individual titles to dominate the 1999 Armed Forces Cross Country Championships here Feb. 19.


Cohen to Visit Middle East      

WASHINGTON - Defense Secretary William S. Cohen is scheduled to depart March 4 for a nine-day trip to nine Middle Eastern nations, Pentagon officials announced March 2.


Reform Initiative Reorienting Way DoD Does Business      

WASHINGTON - DoD has made progress in fulfilling the 1997 Defense Reform Initiative, but more can be done and the department should "institutionalize" the process, Defense Secretary William S. Cohen said March 1.

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