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101st Division Soldiers to Relieve 15th MEU in Afghanistan      

WASHINGTON - Soldiers of the 101st Airborne (Air Assault) Division will relieve the 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit in Afghanistan, U.S. Central Command officials said Dec. 30.


Military Tribunal Rules Still A Work In Progress      

WASHINGTON - Final decisions have not yet been made on directives to govern military tribunals for detained Al Qaeda and Taliban members and others held for alleged terrorist acts, DoD spokesperson Victoria Clarke told Pentagon reporters today.


45 Al Qaeda, Taliban Detainees Under U.S. Control      

WASHINGTON - There are 45 Al Qaeda and Taliban terrorists under U.S control, DoD spokeswoman Torie Clarke said Dec. 27.


Search Continues for Taliban, Al Qaeda Terrorists      

WASHINGTON - The United States continues its search for Al Qaeda and Taliban terrorists in Afghanistan, DoD officials said Dec. 27.


Rumsfeld Reviews Challenges of 2001      

WASHINGTON - "What a difference three months makes," Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld told reporters at a press conference here today.


DoD Website Assists Pentagon Attack Victims' Families      

WASHINGTON - DoD has launched a special password-protected website for families of the people killed or wounded in the Sept. 11 terrorist attack on the Pentagon.


MTMC to Improve How It Moves Service Members      

ALEXANDRIA, VA - Changes are coming in the way the Military Traffic Management Command administers the moves of the nation's military service members.


Myers: War On Terrorism Is A Fight On Many Fronts  This story contains photos.    

DOHA, Qatar, Dec. 22, 2001 - DoD's senior military officer told reporters here today that America - DoD's senior military officer told reporters here today that America and its coalition partners and allies would employ many tools besides military power to win the war against global terrorism.


Myers' Mideast Trip Cheers Troops Before Christmas  This story contains photos.    

EN ROUTE TO WASHINGTON FROM THE MIDDLE EAST, Dec. 23, 2001 -- - EN ROUTE TO WASHINGTON FROM THE MIDDLE EAST, Dec. 23, 2001 -- Air Force Gen. Richard B. Myers, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, today seemed determined to visit with every U.S. service member stationed in the Middle East before he returned to Washington. Air Force Staff Sgt. Tonya, right, Senior Master Sgt. Andy, Capt. Jim, and Senior Master Sgt. Marc examine a banner with hand-written good wishes sent from people at Shaw Air Force, S.C., Dec. 23 at a military installation in the Middle East. (Photo by Gerry J. Gilmore) (Click photo for screen-resolution image; high-resolution image available.)


JCS Chairman Visits, Praises Troops      

SOMEWHERE IN SOUTH ASIA - DoD's senior military officer visited an undisclosed military post that seemingly sprouted out of nowhere to become the hub of many U.S. military efforts in Afghanistan against Al Qaeda terrorists and their Taliban supporters.


USS Roosevelt's Crew Making U.S. History, Says Myers  This story contains photos.    

SOMEWHERE IN THE MIDDLE EAST - The U.S. military's senior officer praised the USS Theodore Roosevelt's crew members today, noting that their efforts are helping to win the war against global terrorism.


Troops at 'Mystery Base' Take Pride in Mission  This story contains photos.    

SOMEWHERE IN SOUTH ASIA - A cloudless, azure sky stretched above the installation as Air Force Gen. Richard Myers and his party moved across this "mystery base" to meet and greet troops. Lined up upon a runway, Air Force MH-60-G PaveHawk search and rescue helicopters bristling with mini-guns awaited his inspection.


DoD, VA Study Finds Lou Gehrig's Disease in Gulf War Vets      

WASHINGTON - A large epidemiological study conducted by the departments of Defense and Veterans Affairs found preliminary evidence that Persian Gulf War veterans are nearly twice as likely as their non-deployed counterparts to develop Lou Gehrig's disease.


Olympic Ceremony Honors Pentagon Heroes  This story contains photos.    

WASHINGTON - Every four years, the Olympics unite the international community. This year, Olympic officials brought the Olympic flame to the Pentagon to honor the heroes and victims of the Sept. 11 attack that united the nation and the world in its war against terrorism.


Osprey to Enter Two-Year Flight Test Program      

WASHINGTON - The troubled V-22 Osprey aircraft will go through a two-year flight test program, said Pete Aldridge, defense undersecretary for acquisition, technology and logistics.


Afghan Campaign Entering New Phase      

WASHINGTON - The campaign to deal with terrorists in Afghanistan is going forward without pause, but it is entering a new phase, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said today.


U.S. Holds 23 Taliban, Al Qaeda; Tora Bora Search Continues      

WASHINGTON - U.S. military officials in Afghanistan now hold 23 Taliban and Al Qaeda fighters in custody, according to Pentagon spokeswoman Torie Clarke.


U.S. Planes Fly, But No Bombs Dropped      

Washington - U.S. combat aircraft flew 164 sorties over Afghanistan Dec. 18 but dropped no ordnance.


Bin Laden is One of Many Terrorist Chiefs      

WASHINGTON - Osama bin Laden is "either dead in some tunnel, or he's alive," Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld said.


Contractor Spearheads Fundraiser for Pentagon Victim's Families  This story contains photos.    

WASHINGTON - Some people might say Dawn Glencer is a brave woman. But others might call her nuts for walking into the Pentagon with a plastic shopping bag filled with more than $10,000 in cash.


Rumsfeld: U.S. Won't Cease Until Terrorists Gone      

WASHINGTON - President Bush intends to see the campaign in Afghanistan through "until Taliban and Al Qaeda leadership have been captured or killed," Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld said here shortly after returning from a six-day trip to Central Asia and Europe.


Services Answer Rumsfeld's Call for New Business Practices  This story contains photos.    

WASHINGTON - A day before terrorists attacked New York's World Trade Center and the Pentagon, Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld made it known he was not going to accept business as usual within the defense department.


Myers: Success So Far, But Terror War Far From Over  This story contains photos.    

BRUSSELS, Belgium - Good planning, patience, and the willpower to win have enabled U.S. and coalition forces to defeat or neutralize Al Qaeda terrorist forces and their Taliban supporters throughout most of Afghanistan, DoD's senior military officer said today.


DoD Honors 18 Employees With Disabilities for Outstanding Work  This story contains photos.    

WASHINGTON - Some of them are legally blind, some partially paralyzed, some are wheelchair-users, and one of them has epilepsy. But none of that stopped them from realizing the American dream or from becoming outstanding DoD employees.


U.S. to Question Detainees      

WASHINGTON - About 15 detainees are on the way to Kandahar from elsewhere in Afghanistan for questioning by U.S. military officials there, Pentagon spokesman Richard McGraw told reporters here this morning. The detainees are being moved from an opposition force holding facility west of Mazar-e Sharif.


U.S. Proposes Reducing Troop Levels in Bosnia      

BRUSSELS, Belgium - BRUSSELS, Belgium, Dec. 18, 2001 - Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld has proposed NATO reduce troop presence in Bosnia by a third, to around 12,000. This would reduce U.S. troop levels in the country to around 2,100.


NATO Looking for New Ways to Engage Russia      

BRUSSELS, Belgium - BRUSSELS, Belgium, Dec. 18, 2001 - Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld will meet with fellow NATO defense ministers to discuss how to fashion a relationship with Russia that's appropriate for the 21st Century.


NATO Must Address Asymmetric Threats      

BRUSSELS, Belgium - Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld urged NATO defense ministers to build up capabilities needed to combat "asymmetric threats," like the terror attacks on Sept. 11.


Detainees May Include Al Qaeda, Taliban Leaders      

WASHINGTON - Five detainees are aboard the USS Peleliu, and another 15 Al Qaeda and Taliban fighters will soon be in U.S. custody, Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz told reporters today.


Afghanistan is Only the First Round      

WASHINGTON - Afghanistan is only the first round in the war against terrorism, said Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz.


NATO Allies Urged to Spend More, Develop New Capabilities      

BRUSSELS, Belgium - "You can't get defense on the cheap," was the message Lord George Robertson delivered to NATO defense ministers at their meeting here.


U.S.-Russia to Hold Meetings on Nuke Reductions      

BRUSSELS, Belgium - BRUSSELS, Belgium, Dec. 17, 2001 - U.S. and Russian defense leaders agreed to hold meetings beginning in January to chart how the two countries will cut their offensive nuclear arsenals.


Holiday Remarks From the Secretary of Defense      This story contains video.

This holiday season, families all across America will gather with neighbors and friends to rekindl - especially now when they are under such unprecedented attack.


Stopping Escaping Al Qaeda, Taliban Like 'Searching for Fleas'      This story contains video.

WASHINGTON - Catching Al Qaeda and Taliban troops "on the run" in the mountains and caves around Tora Bora, Afghanistan, is like "searching for fleas on a dog," according to a senior military official.


Every Day Challenging for U.S. Troops in Afghanistan  This story contains photos.    

BAGRAM AIR BASE, Afghanistan - BAGRAM AIR BASE, Afghanistan, Dec. 17, 2001 - "We are parked in a minefield. When you get out of the aircraft do not leave the concrete."


Still Plenty of Al Qaeda in Afghanistan, Rumsfeld Says      

BRUSSELS, Belgium - Opposition forces aided by U.S. and British special operations forces are still battling Al Qaeda fighters in Afghanistan, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said today.


Rumsfeld Provides Update on Tora Bora Fighting      

TBLISI, Georgia - TBLISI, Georgia, Dec. 16, 2001 - Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld confirmed that fighting has died down in the Tora Bora region.


Rumsfeld Visits Afghanistan, Meets With U.S. Troops  This story contains photos.    

BAGRAM AIR BASE, Afghanistan - Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld met with U.S. troops and Afghan leaders during a visit to this former Soviet base, Dec. 16.


Rumsfeld Meets with Leaders of Caucasus Nations      

TBLISI, GEORGIA - Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld visited three capitals in one day. Rumsfeld began a whirlwind tour of the Caucasus region by visiting the capitals of Azerbaijan, Armenia and Georgia Dec. 15.


Rumsfeld: Fighting Continues Around Tora Bora      

MILITARY CAMP NEAR AFGHANISTAN - a different type of job," Rumsfeld said referring to the nontraditional emphasis on special operations that has typified American involvement in Afghanistan to this point. "It is not a set piece for the U.S. military, and we need to understand what they've been doing, how they are doing it, and what they think."


Service Members Supporting Enduring Freedom Get Tax Break      

WASHINGTON - U.S. troops serving in Afghanistan as part of Operation Enduring Freedom will pay little or no federal tax this year thanks to an executive order President Bush signed today.


Rumsfeld Bound for Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, NATO      

WASHINGTON - Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld is slated to depart Washington this afternoon for a six-day trip to Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia and Brussels.


Cold, Altitude Threaten Troops' Health in Afghanistan      

WASHINGTON - Cold and altitude are currently the most serious environmental threats to troops serving in Afghanistan. In a few months, they'll need to worry more about malaria.


Marines Enter Kandahar Airport; Tora Bora Battle Continues      

WASHINGTON - U.S. Marines entered Kandahar airport early this morning, and several hundred more are expected to arrive there within a couple of days, Pentagon spokeswoman Torie Clarke said today.


U.S. Special Operations Forces Change "Face of War"      

WASHINGTON - Army Special Forces and Rangers, Navy Seals and Air Force special operations commandos operating in Afghanistan "have changed the face of war," according to a top Pentagon official.


Rumsfeld to Bush: Don't Veto Bill Over Base Closure      

SHANNON, Ireland - Donald H. Rumsfeld said he will not recommend President Bush veto the Defense Appropriations Bill over base closure issues.


Opposition Forces Advance 2 Kilometers in Tora Bora      

SHANNON, Ireland - Opposition forces have advanced two kilometers into the forbidding terrain of the Tora Bora cave and tunnel complex south of Jalalabad, Afghanistan, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said, today.


Franks Vows: 'No U.S. Occupying Force in Afghanistan'      

WASHINGTON - The United States doesn't intend to maintain an "occupying force" in Afghanistan, Army Gen. Tommy Franks said today.


Franks: Pitched Battle Rages in Tora Bora Valleys      

WASHINGTON - The United States won't be satisfied until the cancerous core of terrorism is cut out of Afghanistan, Army Gen. Tommy Franks told reporters here and in Tampa, Fla. "As long as we have pockets of Al Qaeda or Taliban resisting any remnants of the terrorist network it won't be over," he said. "It's going to take months to go through the detainees we have, to ensure ourselves that we have done what our president asked us to do and what the world asked this coalition to do. And that is to destroy this network inside Afghanistan."


U.S. Prefers Al Qaeda Surrender, Rumsfeld Says      

WASHINGTON - The United States would be most happy if Al Qaeda terrorists surrendered in the Tora Bora region, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said Dec. 13.


Rumsfeld Says ABM Withdrawal Is Right Move      

WASHINGTON - The U.S. withdrawal from the Anti-ballistic Missile Treaty will allow the United States to test missile defense systems aimed at defeating threats from terrorists and rogue states, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said Dec. 13.


Military Must Transform to Meet new Threats      

WASHINGTON - "America and our allies must not be bound to the past. We must be able to build the defenses we need against the enemies of the 21st century," President Bush said Dec. 11 during a speech in Charleston, S.C.


Bush Announces ABM Treaty Withdrawal      

WASHINGTON - President Bush announced today he would notify Russia that the United States will withdraw from the 1972 Anti-ballistic Missile Treaty.


Wolfowitz Discusses Military Commissions Trying Terrorists      

WASHINGTON - The United States is at war with international terrorists, and all the tools of war must be brought against them.


Air Force Weather Specialists Provide Combat Multiplier      

WASHINGTON - Nature's meteorological whims can disrupt picnics and athletic events. In military operations, accurate weather predictions can mean the difference between success or failure -- and life or death.


A Pound Here, a Pound There, and Talk Turns Weighty      

WASHINGTON, D.C. - The average American will gain about a pound on holiday goodies this year. That's not much, but medical studies unfortunately show the years disappear, but the pounds don't.


Tape Proves Bin Laden's Complicity in Sept. 11 Attacks      

WASHINGTON - If there was ever any doubt about Osama bin Laden's complicity in the attacks of Sept. 11, he himself removed them in a videotape found in Jalalabad, Afghanistan.


DoD Honors Outstanding Disabled Workers  This story contains photos.    

BETHESDA, Md. - Eighteen employees with disabilities were presented secretary of defense certificates of recognition during the 21st annual DoD Disability Awards Ceremony and the 14th annual DoD Disability Forum here at the Hyatt Regency Hotel on Dec. 11.


Air Force Bomber Crashes in Indian Ocean; Crew Rescued  This story contains photos.    

WASHINGTON - An Air Force B-1B Lancer bomber crashed at about 11:30 a.m. EST into the Indian Ocean 30 miles north of the British base of Diego Garcia, Pentagon officials announced Dec. 12.


Air, Ground Forces Continue to Hammer Tora Bora      

WASHINGTON - U.S. and opposition forces continue to hammer the Al Qaeda stronghold at Tora Bora, Afghanistan, without letup, Pentagon spokeswoman Torie Clarke said this morning.


Tora Bora Battle Continues      This story contains video.

WASHINGTON - The Tora Bora cave and tunnel complex south of Jalalabad is the focus of fighting between opposition groups and Al Qaeda foreign fighters, Pentagon officials said Dec. 12.


Team Effort Saves Air Force Bomber Crew      This story contains video.

WASHINGTON - Imagine ejecting from an out- of-control aircraft in the middle of the night over the Indian Ocean.


Bush Calls for Military Transformation      

WASHINGTON - President Bush, speaking today at the Citadel in Charleston, S.C., revealed plans to transform the armed forces to confront the threats of the 21st century.


Holiday Greetings from the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff      This story contains video.

WASHINGTON - As 2001 draws to a close, I extend to each of you - America's outstanding soldiers, sailors, airmen, Marines, Coast Guardsmen and DoD civilians -- and your families, my warmest wishes for a safe and joyous holiday season. I am very proud of you, and deeply appreciate your selflessness, sacrifice, dedication, patriotism, and your love of our great country.


Rumsfeld: Taliban, Al Qaeda Dangerous Like Wounded Animals      

WASHINGTON - The Taliban and Al Qaeda are trapped in an ever-shrinking area, and desperation may make them more dangerous to U.S. forces, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said today.


Savings Plan Lets Deployed Troops Earn Interest on Funds      

WASHINGTON - The U.S. military's Savings Deposit Program allows deployed service members to earn 10 percent interest on money they deposit into a special fund.


Rumsfeld Remembers Fallen Pentagon Workers  This story contains photos.    This story contains video.

WASHINGTON - Exactly three months after a hijacked plane crashed into the Pentagon, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld stood in front of the damaged military headquarters and vowed that America will not forget those killed in the attack.


Navy Names Ship in Honor of WWII Hero; Wolfowitz Keynote Speaker  This story contains photos.    

NEW YORK, N.Y. - They called him the "Sea Wolf" for his daring World War II exploits in Europe and the Pacific. He's a Navy legend and the recipient of the Medal of Honor, Navy Cross and several other medals for heroism.


Companies Provide Goods, Services to Brighten Troops' Days  This story contains photos.    

WASHINGTON - Corporate America is stepping up to make the holidays a little brighter for U.S. troops overseas and at home.


Gunning for Al Qaeda, Taliban Leaders      

WASHINGTON - There is no evidence Osama bin Laden has left Afghanistan, said Pentagon spokeswoman Torie Clarke, and the hunt for the Al Qaeda leader and his minions continues.


Hunt Continues for Al Qaeda, Taliban Leaders      

WASHINGTON - The hunt for the leaders of the Al Qaeda terrorist network continues in eastern Afghanistan, Air Force Gen. Richard Myers said Dec. 9.


Afghan War 'Ain't Over'; Coalition Must Remain Focused      

WASHINGTON, Dec. 10, 2001 - The war in Afghanistan "ain't over yet, " and the United States must c - WASHINGTON, Dec. 10, 2001 - The war in Afghanistan "ain't over yet," and the United States must concentrate on the business at hand and not get complacent, said Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz.


U.S.-Japan Defense Chiefs Meet      

WASHINGTON - Japanese Self-Defense Force ships and planes are helping in the coalition against global terrorism.


Protecting Critical Military Infrastructures      

ARLINGTON, Va. - Even before Sept. 11, DoD recognized the importance of protecting critical infrastructures.


Kandahar Situation Confused, Clarke Says      

WASHINGTON - Press reports from Afghanistan indicate Taliban fighters in the stronghold of Kandahar are surrendering to opposition forces, but Pentagon officials cannot confirm this.


Today's Military Takes Lessons From WWII Generation      

WASHINGTON - President Bush told the sailors and Marines of the aircraft carrier USS Enterprise that they are the new defenders of freedom during ceremonies commemorating the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, 60 years ago.


Taliban Surrendering Kandahar, U.S. Forces in Firefights      

WASHINGTON - Taliban forces are surrendering in their stronghold of Kandahar, said Army Gen. Tommy Franks, but U.S. forces continue to engage armed enemy fighters attempting to leave the area.


DoD Identifies Three Troops Killed; Can't Confirm Results of Afghan Talks      

WASHINGTON - Pentagon spokesperson Victoria Clarke identified the three Army Green Berets killed Dec. 5 when a B-52 dropped a 2,000-pound bomb too close to their position.


Homeland Defense: Guard Members Safeguard U.S. Turf, Skies      

WASHINGTON - National Guard members have been performing a variety of homeland defense missions on the ground and in the air since the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks on America.


Rumsfeld Says Taliban, Al Qaeda Leaders Will Face Justice      This story contains video.

WASHINGTON - News reports say Taliban leader Mohammed Omar has asked for personal amnesty, but Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said the United States is opposed to any such deal.


Dec. 11 Event Will Show Americans Won't Forget      

WASHINGTON - American leaders take every opportunity to tell the world why the United States is fighting a war against global terrorism.


Two U.S. Troops Die in 2nd 'Friendly Fire' Accident      

WASHINGTON - Two U.S. special operations service members were killed today and as many as 20 others were injured in a friendly fire incident north of Kandahar, Afghanistan, Defense officials said.


Third U.S. Service Member Succumbs to 'Friendly Fire' Wounds      This story contains video.

WASHINGTON - Another service member has died from wounds received in a friendly fire incident in Afghanistan today, bringing U.S. casualty totals to three killed and 19 injured.


DoD Guarding Against Possible Bin Laden 'Dirty Bomb'      

WASHINGTON - "It looks like they're covering a lot of ground that has been covered before," Pentagon spokesperson Victoria Clarke said today, commenting on recent reports that terrorist Osama bin Laden has a radiological bomb.


Soldiers Hone Cold-Weather Survival Skills at Vermont Site      

WASHINGTON - Soldiers who find themselves in the path of an avalanche are taught to try to ski out of the area. But if they're caught by sliding snow, there are ways of helping themselves.


Interceptor Scores Another Bulls-eye      

WASHINGTON - The Ballistic Missile Defense Organization scored another bull's-eye Dec. 3 in a test of the "kill vehicle," officials announced.


Afghan Civilian Casualty Info Hard to Get, Says Rumsfeld      

WASHINGTON - Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld strongly disagreed with a press report that alleges DoD avoids discussing the numbers of Afghan civilian casualties caused by the war against terrorism there.


Call for Anti-terrorism Ideas Showing Fruit      

WASHINGTON - When the Al Qaeda terrorists struck the United States, Americans wanted to help defeat them.


American Taliban Fighter Under U.S. Control in Afghanistan      

WASHINGTON - The Pentagon had little information to share on a man who is alleged to be a U.S. citizen captured while fighting for the Taliban in Afghanistan.


Pentagon Attack Mementos Saved for Future Display  This story contains photos.    

WASHINGTON - On the last day of November, a wind-swept, sullen sky tossed raindrops upon the wreaths, flowers, photographs, handwritten letters and red, white and blue flags gathered on a knoll overlooking the Pentagon.


Rumsfeld Praises Coalition Efforts Against Terror      

WASHINGTON - Once the Taliban and Al Qaeda network in Afghanistan are dealt with, the United States has only a humanitarian interest in the country, Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld said to Pakistani reporters.


Muslims 'Enrich America' and Its Military, Says Wolfowitz  This story contains photos.    

WASHINGTON - U.S. service members of Muslim faith observed the end of the day's Ramadan fast Nov. 30 at an interfaith dinner at the Pentagon.

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