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June 27, 2016

Counter-ISIL Strikes Target Terrorists in Syria, Iraq

June 26, 2016

Military Strikes Continue Against ISIL in Syria, Iraq

June 25, 2016

Coalition Strikes Target ISIL in Iraq, Syria

June 24, 2016

U.S., UK to Maintain Close Ties; Counter-ISIL Efforts Continue

June 24, 2016

Welsh Thanks Airmen for Honor of Leading Them

June 24, 2016

Carter Calls UK Counterpart Following Brexit Vote

June 24, 2016

DoD Holds Trilateral Discussion on North Korean Missile Launch

June 24, 2016

Carter Says Welsh Will be Remembered for Dedication to Airmen

June 24, 2016

Face of Defense: Soldier Earns Spot on Olympic Air Rifle Team

June 24, 2016

Watch Live at 2 p.m. EDT: Pentagon Press Secretary to Brief Reporters

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