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Release No: 121-97
March 17, 1997


Secretary of Defense William S. Cohen today announced the award presentation of four 1997 David Packard Excellence in Acquisition Awards at the Acquisition Reform Week Kick-Off Ceremony in the Pentagon. The 1997 awards program recognize the best Department of Defense acquisition Integrated Product Teams from the Navy, Special Operations Command, Ballistic Missile Defense Organization, and the U.S. Air Force that have achieved excellence in acquisition through acquisition reform practices.

Joint Strike Fighter Program (JSF) (Program Management Integrated Product Team)

The JSF follows adopted one of the Packard Commissioner''s major recommendations to create a common family of aircraft. Development savings are estimated at nearly $18 billion (in FY 95 dollars) and life cycle cost savings of projected at 33-55 percent compared to historical aircraft programs. The JSF program also implemented Aanother Packard Commission recommendation heeded was to by aggressively managing technical riskbring technology to low risk prior to entering eEngineering and Mmanufacturing Ddevelopment. The program is employing cost as an independent variable, as well as enhancing competition by sharing, an unprecedented amount of key process information with competing contractors. The program is a model of the new way of doing business in DoD. The JSF Program Office is led by Navy Rear Adm. Craig E. Steidle, director; and Air Force Brig. Gen. Leslie Kenne, deputy director. The JSF Program Office is located in Arlington, Va.

Special Operations Forces Intelligence Vehicle Program (SOF IV) (Program Management Integrated Product Team)

The SOF IV program used creative streamlining approaches in using the areas of technology integration, economic ordering contracts, and reducing life cycle support cost reductions. These innovative processes are permitting maximum return on the Special Operations Command investment. The SOF IV provides Special Operations Forces users with a joint warfighting intelligence processing capability that supports Joint Special Operations Task Force operations. The SOF IV effort was lead by Mr. James W. Cluck, program manager. The program office is located at MacDill Air Force Base, near Tampa, Fla. Multifunctional Information Distribution System (MIDS) Program Office (Communications-Computer Systems Integrated Product Team)

MIDS, a multinational cooperative program to develop a highly jam-resistant, secure digital information distribution system aboard tactical aircraft, is, a model program in a number of areas. Among other things, the program is for using an open system architecture; using exploiting commercial products using innovative acquisition streamlining techniques; implementing cost as an independent variable; and obtaining international cooperation. MIDS is being developed for use on at least 17 tactical air platforms, thus reducing engineering and manufacturing development costs and reducing estimated recurring production unit cost by 40 percent. The effort was led by Navy Capt. David P. Fitch, and the program office is located in Arlington, Va.

Construction Flight Working Group, formed from elements of the 319th Contracting and 319th Engineer Squadrons, Grand Forks Air Force Base, N.D.

The Construction Flight Working Group was formed with the intent to improve the solicitation process for construction projects at Grand Forks AFB. The working group was able to reduced reproduction costs of the construction solicitation process, cut acquisition lead time, and maintained Grand Fork's competitive contractor and supplier base by minimizing the program's impact on contractor and supplier operations. Since becoming fully operational, the program has achieved documented savings of over $50,000 in direct costs to Grand Forks AFB alone, and a 10 percent reduction in acquisition lead time. Moreover, the program team is, and the establishment of the only operational contracting unit in the Air Force to use electronic media. Based upon calculations made by the Air Mobility Command, if the solicitation process developed by the Construction Flight Working Group were implemented Command-wide, annual savings would be $1.1 million and, if implemented Air Force-wide, savings would exceed $20 million. The three working group members are Ms. Thana Prochko, the construction flight chief; Ms. Sherry Scheer and Mr. Ken Barborak.

The award is named in honor of the late David Packard, a former deputy secretary of defense during the Nixon administration. He was also the founder and chairman of the Hewlett-Packard Company and chairman of the Presidential Commission on Defense Management chartered by President Ronald Reagan in 1985.The award winners were competitively selected from nominations made by the military services and defense agencies Service's or agency's nominations. Principal nomination criterion that used the most was the demonstrated use of innovative team techniques first advocated by Packard to achieve excellence in defense acquisition.

The award is named in honor of the late David Packard, founder and chairman of the Hewlett-Packard Company, former deputy secretary of defense under President Nixon, and chairman of a blue ribbon defense commission (the Packard Commission) under President Reagan.

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