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Release No: 492-08
June 10, 2008

DoD Announces Recruiting and Retention Numbers for May 2008

The Department of Defense announced today its recruiting and retention statistics for the active and reserve components for the month of May
·         Active Duty Recruiting. 
·         May Monthly.  All services met or exceeded recruiting goals for the month of May (below) and have surpassed goals for fiscal 2008 to date.
May 2008                              Accessions                          Goal                       Percent
Army                                      5,568                                      5,500                      101
Navy                                      2,983                                      2,983                      100
Marine Corps                      2,656                                      2,172                      122
Air Force                               1,888                                      1,888                      100
Active Duty Retention. Army, Navy, and Marine Corps continue to enjoy excellent reenlistment rates and are meeting or exceeding goals across the board.
·Reserve Forces Recruiting.
·         May Monthly.  Five of the six reserve components met or exceeded their accession goals for May 2008. The Army National Guard, which is already at (109 percent) of its year-to-date goal, finished the month at 94 percent of its May goal, reflecting an Army decision to have the National Guard strength at its authorized level.
May 2008                                              Accessions                          Goal                       Percent
Army National Guard                         5,311                                      5,635                      94
Army Reserve                                     2,893                                      2,697                      107
Navy Reserve                                     817                                         817                         100
Marine Corps Reserve                     923                                         923                         100
Air National Guard                             892                                         680                         131
Air Force Reserve                             638                                         636                         100
Reserve Attrition. Losses in all reserve components are within acceptable limits.
Detailed information on specific recruiting data can be obtained by contacting the individual military recruiting commands at (502) 626-0164 for Army, (210) 565-4678 for Air Force, (703) 784-9454 for Marine Corps and (901) 874-9049 for Navy.  The reserve components can be reached at the following numbers: National Guard Bureau (703) 607-2586; Army Reserve (404) 464-8490; Air Force Reserve (703) 697-1761; Navy Reserve (504) 678-6055; and Marine Corps Reserve (504) 678-6535.

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