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Release No: 169-09
March 16, 2009

DoD and OPM To Review National Security Personnel System

The Department of Defense and the Office of Personnel Management announced today that they will undertake a review of the National Security Personnel System. 


The decision by Deputy Secretary of Defense William Lynn was made after consultation with the Office of Personnel Management. “This administration is committed to operating fair, transparent, and effective personnel systems, and we are undertaking this review to assess whether NSPS meets these objectives,” said Lynn.  With new leadership under a new administration, DoD and OPM will engage with key stakeholders in examining NSPS.  “We recognize that varying viewpoints exist regarding NSPS, and given the scope and complexity of the system, it is important for leadership to conduct its own review of the program,” Lynn added.


DoD will delay any further conversions of organizations into NSPS pending the outcome of this review.  This affects roughly 2,000 employees in organizations scheduled to convert to NSPS this spring.  Those organizations are adjusting their plans accordingly.  During the review, organizations already covered by NSPS will continue to operate under current NSPS policies, regulations, and procedures.


DoD and OPM leadership are engaged in discussions with key personnel in the administration to determine the overall framework, scope, and timeline of the review, including identifying an appropriate individual to lead the review.  It is expected to take several months for a review team to gather the necessary information and data, reach out to stakeholders, and develop recommendations for leadership consideration.


NSPS implementation began in 2006, changing the way DoD civilians are hired, compensated, promoted, and rewarded.  The system currently covers approximately 205,000 DoD employees.


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