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Release No: 546-10
June 28, 2010

DOD Launches Voter Online Registration Assistant During Armed Forces and Overseas Citizens’ Voters’ Week

               Department of Defense (DoD) announced today the launch of a new online voter registration assistant.  The new assistant was developed to help military voters, their voting-age dependents, and overseas civilians register and request absentee ballots for the 2010 mid-term election.  The online assistant will be available at http://www.fvap.gov and be introduced on military installations, embassies, and consulates during the Armed Forces and Overseas Citizens’ Voters’ Week beginning today.

               “The new online assistant will make the registration and absentee ballot application process quick, easy, and seamless,” said Bob Carey, Federal Voting Assistance Program director.  “The old process of wading through printed instructions to figure out what each state requires for each block on the voter registration form is alleviated.  The new assistant will now streamline the registration and absentee ballot application process and help prevent incomplete forms.”

               In 2008, the Defense Department asked local election officials why registration and absentee ballots were rejected.  The responses indicated that many registration forms were inadequate, incomplete or mailed to the wrong jurisdiction. 

              “Since uniformed services and overseas voters have to start the voting process earlier than their stateside counterparts, they are allowed fewer mistakes at the outset of the process,” said Carey.  “The military and overseas voter must fill out their form correctly the first time to ensure they are received and returned in time.”

              During the Armed Forces and Overseas Citizens’ Voters’ Week, the Defense and State Departments will introduce the online assistant to military and overseas voters.  Voters are encouraged to register now and to visit http://www.fvap.gov  for all voting materials.

              “You may be absent on Election Day, but you can be accounted for,” said Carey.  “I encourage voters to visit http://www.fvap.gov, fill out your online registration and absentee ballot application, and send it back in July so that your election official has time to process it and send back your absentee ballot in time for the November general election.”

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