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Release No: 013-11
January 06, 2011

Statement by Secretary of the Navy and Chief of Naval Operations on Efficiencies

Secretary Ray Mabus

            “Secretary Gates charged the Navy and Marine Corps to scrub everything, eliminate the unnecessary or underperforming, find savings, and apply those savings to warfighting.  We have done that.  Hard choices were made, but they were necessary to make certain we are the most efficient and effective fighting force we can be.  Secretary Gates’ leadership has resulted in reasonable and responsible reforms that will ensure the Navy and Marine Corps remain the most formidable expeditionary fighting force the world has ever known.”

Adm. Gary Roughead

            “The Navy enthusiastically participated in Department of Defense efficiency efforts.  I am pleased with the rigor undertaken throughout this process, the results of which will contribute to the Navy’s warfighting capabilities.  The initiatives we have undertaken will allow the Navy to address readiness and warfighting capabilities, optimize organizations and operations and ensure that resources are optimized in operations and maintenance initiatives.  These savings and changes will enable us to be the Navy the nation needs today and into the future.”

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