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Release No: 635-98
December 11, 1998


The Historical Office of the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) has published the first comprehensive, documented history of the captivity of Americans in Southeast Asia during the Vietnam War. The book is entitled "Honor Bound: The History of American Prisoners of War in Southeast Asia, 1961-1973" and comes 25 years after Operation Homecoming. The 700-page volume combines scholarly analysis with narrative to record in detail the experience of American prisoners in North and South Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia.

"Honor Bound" was researched and written by Deputy OSD Historian Stuart Rochester and Air Force Academy professor and POW expert Frederick Kiley. The authors trace the capture and movement of U. S. Servicemen and civilians through jungles and jails from the Mekong Delta to Hanoi and west and north into Cambodia, Laos, and China. They address a wide range of subjects from the physical ordeal of torture and deprivation to the psychological challenges of indoctrination, exploitation for propaganda purposes, and mere coping and passing time under the most adverse circumstances.

The book is the first to examine in depth the differences between confinement in North and South Vietnam, successes and failures within the POW organization, and the relationship of the prisoners' treatment and conditions to evolving military, political, and diplomatic events. This tome has extensive documentation and bibliography, and more than 200 illustrations, including photos, maps, and prison camp diagrams.

Copies of the book may be obtained for $46, including shipping and handling, from the Superintendent of Documents, P. O. Box 371954, Pittsburgh, Pa. 15250-7954; the order number is 008-000-00734-9. To order by phone, call (202) 512-1800; fax, (202) 512-2250.

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