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Release No: 076-00
February 17, 2000


Secretary of Defense William Cohen has announced the selection of the Year 2000 appointees to the Defense Advisory Committee on Women in the Services (DACOWITS). The incoming members are:

  • Marene Nyberg Allison of South Orange, N.J.
  • Paula Louise Brooks of Columbus, Ohio
  • John Stanley Fairfield of Oak Hill, Va.
  • Barbara Pate Glacel of Oak Hill, Va.
  • Karen Gold of El Paso, Texas
  • Julie P. Hamre of Bethesda, Md.
  • Nancy Kikuko Hatamiya of Davis, Calif.
  • JoAnn Wright Haysbert of Hampton, Va.
  • Jean D'Meza Leuner of Mount Pleasant, S.C.
  • Laura Ann Liswood of Washington, D.C.
  • Susan Lee Patane of Redlands, Calif.
  • Trudie Kibbe Reed of Little Rock, Ark.
  • Carroll Wilson Suggs of Metairie, La.
  • Nancy Anne Wanderer of Topsham, Maine
  • Dianne H.B. Welsh of Spokane, Wash.

The 2000 DACOWITS is comprised of 36 civilian members from throughout the United States, selected on the basis of achievements in business, their professions, and in civic affairs. Members are appointed by the Secretary of Defense for a three-year term, without compensation, to advise him on matters relating to the effective utilization of women in the Services. The DACOWITS was established in 1951 by then Secretary of Defense George C. Marshall.

The new executive committee appointments for 2000 are:

  • Vickie L. McCall of Ogden, Utah, chair
  • Susannah S. Kent of Washington, D.C., vice chair
  • Candace A. Young-Richey of Las Vegas, Nev., installation visit coordinator
  • Donald H. Green of Chevy Chase, Md., chair, Equality Management
  • Deborah M. Ching of Honolulu, Hawaii, vice chair, Equality Management
  • Judge Paul J. De Muniz of Salem, Ore., chair, Forces Development and Utilization
  • Sarah R. (Sally) Simmons of Tucson, Ariz., vice chair, Forces Development and Utilization
  • Jacqueline Jackson of Cupertino, Calif., chair, Quality of Life
  • Linda L. Gates of West Point, Miss., vice chair, Quality of Life.

The Executive committee performs a variety of duties, especially during semiannual conferences and quarterly executive committee meetings. Duties include reviewing issues proposed by subcommittees for study, assigning agenda items to subcommittees for introduction to the full committee, approving rationales for DACOWITS recommendations, and reviewing Service responses to those recommendations.

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