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Release No: 441-00
July 24, 2000


The government of Portugal has requested a possible sale for 20 Mid-Life Update (MLU) modification kits for Portuguese Air Force (PAF) F-16A/B aircraft, radar, modems, receivers, installation, avionics, spare and repair parts, support equipment, training and training devices, technical assistance, publications and technical documentation, system drawings, U.S. government and contractor engineering, and other related logistics elements necessary for full program support. The estimated cost is $100 million.

The MLU production phase is the continuation of the development program notified to the Congress in August 1990. This multi-national effort has included the countries of Belgium, Denmark, The Netherlands, Norway, and now Portugal that have participated with the U.S. Air Force in the full-scale MLU engineering development and integration effort. The MLU is an avionics retrofit program for F-16 aircraft consisting of: heads-up display pilot's display units, AN/APX-113 advanced identification friend or foe systems, common color multi-function displays, common programmable display generators, modular mission computers, voice message units, common data entry electronics units, global positioning system antennas, interference blanking units, configuration of APG-66(V)2 radar.

The proposed sale will contribute to the foreign policy and national security objectives of the United States by improving the military capabilities of Portugal and further weapon system standardization and interoperability with U.S. forces.

The proposed sale will enable Portugal to augment its current F-16 aircraft inventory and to develop a continuous air defense capability within its national boundaries.

The proposed sale of this equipment and support will not affect the basic military balance in the region.

The prime contractor will be Lockheed Martin Tactical Aircraft Systems of Fort Worth, Texas and Northrop-Grumman of Baltimore, Md. One or more proposed offset agreements might be related to this proposed sale.

Implementation of this proposed sale will not require the assignment of U.S. government or contractor representatives to Portugal. There will be no adverse impact on U.S. defense readiness as a result of this proposed sale.

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