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Release No: 629-94
November 07, 1994

Air Force Scientific Advisory Board Holds 50th Anniversary Symposium

The Air Force Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) will host a 50th Anniversary Symposium Nov. 9-10, 1994 at the National Academy of Sciences, 2100 C Street NW, Washington, D.C.

Highlights of the symposium include remarks by Secretary of the Air Force Shiela E. Widnall and Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Ronald R. Fogleman. In addition, two original board members, Professor Courtland D. Perkins and Dr. Ivan A. Getting, will speak about the board's early activities and its successes and failures.

The symposium will address topics of particular interest such as the Air Force/industry technological response to increased world conflicts and the direction of future science and technology.

Reporting directly to the Secretary of the Air Force and the Chief of Staff, the SAB's function is purely advisory -- providing a link between the Air Force and civilian scientists and engineers who develop and strengthen defense technologies. In the board's early years Gen. "Hap" Arnold, the Army Air Forces chief, charged board chairman Dr. Theodore von Kármán, the distinguished Hungarian aerodynamicist, educator and engineer, to determine the future of science, technology and defense. Ultimately, Dr. von Kármán led the group that produced the prophetic report, Toward New Horizons, which correctly identified future technologies such as: supersonic aircraft, television, weather forecasting, atomic energy, satellite communication, medical research, advances in bomb lethality, crewless airplanes and defenses against future aircraft.

To register for the symposium contact Captain Dean Osgood, (703) 697-4648.

For a copy of the agenda or for more information contact Major Mary Ann Freeman at (703) 697-1128 or Major Alvina Mitchell (703) 695-0640.


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