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Release No: 586-01
November 15, 2001


The Depatment of the Navy will christen the oceanographic research vessel Kilo Moana in a ceremony Saturday, Nov. 17, 2001, at 7:45 a.m. EST at Atlantic Marine, Inc., Jacksonville, Fla.

The Honorable Daniel Inouye, senator of Hawaii, will be the ceremony's principal speaker. His wife, Mrs. Margaret Inouye will serve as ship sponsor. In the time-honored Navy tradition, Mrs. Inouye will break a bottle of champagne across the bow and formally name Kilo Moana, which is Hawaiian for "Oceanographer".

Kilo Moana is designed to perform a broad spectrum of oceanographic research in coastal and deep ocean areas. Research ranges from physical, biological and chemical oceanography to environmental investigations, ocean surveys, engineering, marine acoustics, marine geology and geophysics.

As part of the nation's University-National Oceanographic Laboratory System, the ship will be capable of sampling and collection of air, surface, midwater, and sea floor parameters; full ocean depth sea floor surveys; launching, towing, and recovery of science packages; handling and servicing of both tethered remotely operated vehicles and autonomous underwater vehicles; deployment and recovery of deep-sea moorings and shipboard data processing and analyses.

The ship, built by Lockheed Martin's subcontractor Atlantic Marine, Inc., has an innovative hull known as a Small-Waterplane-Area Twin Hull (SWATH). Compared to a monohull, a SWATH exposes only a minimum of the ship to the lifting forces of the waves. The SWATH is based on the principle of semi-submersible offshore rigs that are designed to provide a working platform with diminished motions in open seas, significantly reducing the ship's pitch and roll, making for superior seakeeping and increased operational capabilities.

The ship will be delivered to the Navy in 2002. The Office of Naval Research will take delivery of the vessel and it will be operated by the University of Hawaii. A unique partnering agreement involving government, the university, and industry was used in the design and construction phases. Kilo Moana is 185 feet in length, has a breath of 88 feet, lab space of 2,762 square feet, a working deck surface of 4,460 square feet, a displacement of 2,542 light tons, and a full load draft of 25 feet.

For more information on Kilo Moana visit: http://imina.soest.hawaii.edu/agor26/

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