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Release No: 678-94
December 07, 1994


The Department of Defense (DoD) today announced plans to make 22 awards to support multidisciplinary research at 39 academic institutions. Subject to availability of funds and continued research progress, the awards will support five years of research effort. DoD intends to provide $25 million in FY1995 for the first year of these multiyear efforts, and up to $125 million over five years.

The awards are being made under the multidisciplinary research program of the University Research Initiative (URI). The multidisciplinary URI supports research teams whose efforts intersect more than one traditional science and engineering discipline. Multidisciplinary team effort can accelerate research progress in areas suited to this approach. It also can help to hasten the transition of research findings to practical application. By supporting team efforts, the multidisciplinary URI complements other DoD programs that support university research principally through single- investigator awards.

The awards are the result of the FY 1994 competition under the multidisciplinary URI. Proposals were sought in six areas of importance to DoD: high- energy microwaves; automated vision and sensing; mobile electric power; smart structures; prediction, detection, and assessment of degradation and failure in mechanical systems; and design and manufacture of electronics and materials. The selection process was highly competitive. In response to the solicitation, universities submitted nearly 200 proposals requesting more than $1 billion over five years.

DoD expects that multidisciplinary URI programs will promote both defense and commercial applications of DoD research. Therefore, a factor in selecting proposals for funding was the quality of proposers' plans for collaborating with research and development organizations, particularly industrial organizations, that transition research findings to application. Proposers were permitted to propose subawards to industrial organizations, with a caveat that awarded funds were expected to vest substantially with the academic institutions. Two of the 22 awards announced today include a subaward to an industrial organization.

The awards will be made by the four DoD research offices that conducted the competition: the Army Research Office, Office of Naval Research, Air Force Office of Scientific Research, and Advanced Research Projects Agency. The awards are subject to the successful completion of negotiations between the academic institutions and the four research offices.

Media may obtain the list of winning proposers from the Defense News Division, room 2E765, Pentagon, Washington, D.C. 20301-1400, or by calling (703) 695-0192. Other requesters should contact (703) 697-5737.




    PRINCIPAL                                                                        AWARDING   
   INVESTIGATOR           INSTITUTIONS          STATE           BRIEF TITLE           AGENCY    
                    (Subawardees asterisked)                                                    
Ilhan  A.  
Aksay    Princeton University          NJ     Mesoscale Patterning for   Army        
                                                         Smart Material Systems                 
                    * Harvard University          MA                                            
                    * Drexel University           PA                                            
Banks       North Carolina State          NC     Modeling and Control of    ARPA/Air    
                    University                           Chemical Vapor Deposition  Force       
                    * Carnegie Mellon             PA                                            
                    * University of Illinois      IL                                            
Terrance  Boult     Lehigh University             PA     Autonomous Vision for      Navy/ARPA   
                    * Columbia University         NY                                            
                    * New York University         NY                                            
Rodney  Brooks      Massachusetts Institute       MA     Trainable Modular Vision   Navy/ARPA   
                    of Technology                        System                                 
                    * California Institute        CA                                            
                    of Technology                                                               
                    * Harvard University          MA                                            
Gregory  P.  
       University of                 CA     Micro                      Army        
Carman              California-Los Angeles               Electronic/Mechanical-Bas              
                                                         ed Actuators                           
                    * Case Western Reserve        OH                                            
John  Ekerdt        University of                 TX     Thin-Film Chemical Vapor   ARPA/Air    
                    Texas-Austin                         Deposition                 Force       
                    * University of Wisconsin     WI                                            
Alan  Epstein       Massachusetts Institute       MA     Micro Gas Turbine          Army        
                    of Technology                        Generators                             
Victor              University of Maryland        MD     Compact, High-Energy       Air Force   
Granatstein                                              Microwave Sources                      
                    * Cornell University          NY                                            
Stephen  Grossberg  Boston University             MA     Automated Vision and       Navy/ARPA   
                                                         Sensing Systems                        
                    * Johns Hopkins               MD                                            
Nesbitt  W.  
       Massachusetts Institute       MA     Smart Composite            Army        
Hagood              of Technology                        Structures                             
David  Hall         Pennsylvania State            PA     Integrated Predictive      Navy        
                    University                           Diagnostics                            
                    * Rennselaer Polytechnic      NY                                            
Thomas  Kailath     Stanford University           CA     Microlithography           ARPA/Air    
                                                         Control, Simulation,       Force       
                    * Yale University             CT                                            
Takeo  Kanade       Carnegie Mellon               PA     Integrated Vision and      Navy/ARPA   
                    University                           Sensing                                
Pramod              University of Michigan        MI     Plasma Processing for      ARPA/Air    
Khargonekar                                              Electronics Manufacture    Force       
                    * University of Illinois      IL                                            
Magne  Kristiansen  Texas Tech University         TX     High-Energy Microwave      Air Force   
                    * University of New           NM                                            
                    * University of Michigan      MI                                            
Neville  Luhmann    University of                 CA     High-Energy Microwave      Air Force   
                    California-Davis                     Sources                                
                    * University of               CA                                            
                    * University of               CA                                            
                    California-Los Angeles                                                      
                    * Stanford University         CA                                            
Anupam  Madhukar    University of Southern        CA     Semiconductor Epitaxy      ARPA/Air    
                    California                           and Etching                Force       
                    * Louisiana State             LA                                            
Vishwanath  Prasad  State University of New       NY     Modeling, Design, and      ARPA/Air    
                    York-Stony Brook                     Control of Crystal Growth  Force       
                    * Rennselaer Polytechnic      NY                                            
                    * Virginia Polytechnic        VA                                            
                    * Boston University           MA                                            
                    * Central State               OH                                            
                    * Manhattan College           NY                                            
Azriel  Rosenfeld   University of Maryland        MD     Appearance-Based Vision    Navy/ARPA   
                                                         for Complex Environments               
                    * Massachusetts               MA                                            
                    Institute of Technology                                                     
                    * University of Washington    WA                                            
Michael  Seal       University of Western         WA     Thermophotovoltaic         Army        
                    Washington                           Electric Generator                     
                    * JX Crystals                 WA                                            
William  Smyrl      University of Minnesota       MN     High-Performance Fuel      Army        
                    * Northwestern University     IL                                            
                    * University of               CA                                            
                    * Calif Inst of               CA                                            
                    Tech--Jet Propulsion                                                        
                    * Analytical Power            MA                                            
Ward  Winer         Georgia Institute of          GA     Integrated Diagnostics     Navy        
                    * Northwestern University     IL                                            
                    * University of Minnesota     MN                                            

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