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Release No: 218-02
April 29, 2002


The Navy announced today that Ingalls Shipbuilding Inc., Northrop Grumman Ship Systems (NGSS) has been selected as the lead design agent for the DD(X) ship program. This includes the award of a cost-plus award-fee contract in the amount of $2,879,347,000 for design agent activities such as the systems design of the DD(X) destroyer, and the design, construction and test of its major subsystems. NGSS was the leader of a team of contractors called the "Gold Team" that included Raytheon Systems Co. as the combat systems integrator, and a number of other companies. Gold Team's proposal also incorporated "Blue Team" member Bath Iron Works (BIW) as a subcontractor to perform DDX design and test activities, which will ensure BIW will have the ability to produce a detailed DDX design and build these ships in the future.

The award of the DD(X) Design Agent contract signals the start of a revolution for the Navy's surface combatant fleet, with the development of transformational technologies that will create new capabilities while reducing crew size and yielding significant combat advantage. DD(X) is the foundation of a family of surface combatants, including a future cruiser, CG(X), and littoral combat ship (LCS), providing the nation with a balanced set of warfighting capabilities to meet the national security requirements in the 21st Century.

"The award of the DD(X) Design Agent contract marks the beginning of a new family of surface combatants," said Edward C. "Pete" Aldridge Jr. , under secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology and Logistics. "This program and its spiral development approach will be the model for Navy acquisition in the years to come. DD(X) is the Joint Strike Fighter equivalent for shipbuilding."

The DD(X) program will provide a baseline for spiral development of the DD(X) and the future cruiser or CG(X) with emphasis on common hullform and technology development. Advanced combat system technology and networking capabilities from DD(X) and CG(X) will be leveraged in the spiral development of the littoral combat ship to produce a survivable, capable near-land platform for the 21st century. The intent is to innovatively combine the transformational technologies developed in the DD(X) program with the many ongoing R&D efforts involving mission focused surface ships to produce a state-of-the art surface combatant to defeat adversary attempts to deny access for U.S. forces.

"DD(X) and its associated transformational technologies will be at the core of U.S. Navy capabilities and missions for the 21st Century," said Chief of Naval Operations Adm. Vern Clark. "These great ships and other members of the family of surface combatants will transform the Navy fleet, multiply our combat effectiveness, and play a crucial role in dominating the future battle space."

DD(X) ship program slides are available at http://www.defenselink.mil/news/Apr2002/g020429-D-6570C.html

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