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Release No: 083-95
February 21, 1995


The Director of Defense Research & Engineering announced today the distribution of a new booklet that presents several examples, taken from the general press, of benefits from defense basic research.

This booklet was prepared primarily for use by the military services but is now being distributed also to the general public. Defense Basic Research: A Prospectus provides a glimpse into the dividends already received from the Department of Defense's investments in basic research and forecasts the future returns from ongoing programs for the military mission as well as economic well-being of the nation. Defense basic research is presented as the foundation of our future military security, a major contributor to economic security and a fertile source for innovations that benefit our nation.

The prospectus shows examples of breakthroughs in areas of military relevance: lasers, information processing, electronics, visual imaging, night vision, global positioning, aviation, novel materials, and life-preserving advancement; these breakthroughs have also had a profound impact on everyday life. It goes on to show forecasts of military innovations that are expected to lead to benefits for the public in the areas of information technology, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, enhanced learning and training, adaptive manufacturing, powerful materials and structures, health care and environmental preservation.

Defense Basic Research: A Prospectus can be obtained from the office of the Directorate of Defense Information at the Pentagon, RM 2E765 for the media.

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