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Release No: 201-95
April 17, 1995


Secretary of Defense William Perry kicked off the Department's observance of Earth Day by announcing the winners of the 1994 Defense Natural Resources Conservation, Environmental Quality, Pollution Prevention, Recycling and Environmental Cleanup Awards during a ceremony held at the Pentagon today.

Since 1962, the Natural Resources Conservation Award has been presented to individuals and installations who have successfully managed and conserved living and natural resources on DoD lands. The 1994 installation winner was the Naval Air Warfare Center, Patuxent River, Maryland. Patuxent River established an Integrated Natural Resources Management Plan (INRMP). The plan adopts and incorporates the concepts of biodiversity, conservation and ecosystem management, and was implemented with the aid of a new, customized Geographic Information System.

The individual winner of the Natural Resources Conservation Award was Valerie Ann Morrill, US Army Yuma Proving Ground, Arizona. Morrill skillfully combined limited DoD resources, cooperating agencies, and volunteers to establish and maintain natural and cultural resources programs.

Since 1973, the Environmental Quality Award has been presented to individuals and installations who have worked to make significant progress in avoiding and controlling air, water, land and noise pollution. The installation winner for 1994 was Robins Air Force Base, Georgia. To promote environmental awareness, Robins AFB restructured the Environmental Compliance Assessment Management Program into a continuous assessment process, resulting in continuous improvement in the environmental program and fewer discrepancies. Other noted accomplishments include reducing purchases of ozone depleting chemicals to 62 percent below the 1992 baseline and closing 66 percent of the installation restoration program sites.

The individual winner of the Environmental Quality Award was James Van Orman, Hill Air Force Base, Utah. Van Orman demonstrated outstanding leadership in his involvement of the local community in the installation's environmental program. His efforts have produced a 94 percent reduction of ozone depleting chemicals, a 40 percent reduction in hazardous waste generation and a 55 percent reduction in solid waste over the last two years.

This is the third year for the Pollution Prevention Award, which recognizes individuals and teams for significant strides in reducing pollution at the source. The installation winner for the Pollution Prevention - Industrial Award was Kelly Air Force Base, Texas. The Kelly team has worked hard at reducing the purchasing of hazardous materials and reducing the waste going to the landfill. In the past two years, the base has reduced the purchase of ozone depleting solvents by 97.6 percent and also reduced solid waste going to the landfill by 48.5 percent. The base was the only federal facility selected for the Clean Industries 2000 Honor Roll.

This year's installation winner for the Pollution Prevention- Non-Industrial Award was the Naval Construction Battalion Center, Port Hueneme, California. The accomplishments of the Naval Construction Battalion Center include the conversion of 25 vehicles to compressed natural gas, reduction of air emissions by 16 tons, elimination of 25 illicit discharges to the storm drain system, reduction of solid waste disposed by 27 percent, and the reduction of the hazardous material inventory by 1800 items ( a 40 percent reduction).

The installation winner for the Pollution Prevention-Acquisition Award is the Environmental Management Team (EMT) for the Project Manager, Abrams Tank System, Program Executive Office, Armored Systems Modernization, Warren, Michigan. The EMT developed and implemented an Environmental Management Program that has made concern for the environment a way of life in Program Manger (PM) Abrams. Pollution prevention programs were initiated with major contractors with the virtual elimination of cadmium and chromium from the vehicle's design.

Beginning this year, the Secretary of Defense recognized installations and individuals in two new environmental categories, recycling and environmental cleanup. Recycling Awards were presented to the installation and individual that made significant achievements in recycling programs. The Environmental Cleanup Award was presented to the installation that made significant achievements in cleanup programs, such as accelerated cleanup, use of innovative technologies and developing partnerships.

The installation winner for the Recycling Award was Seymour Johnson Air Force Base, North Carolina. Seymour is credited with being the first DoD installation to start an active yard waste composting program and to start a bioremediation soil composting program for soil that was contaminated with fuel. Seymour is recycling at a rate of 47 percent. They composted 3 million pound of yard waste and saved $200,000 by composting over 3,500 tons of contaminated soil.

The individual winner for the Recycling Award was Mr. Charles Penwell, Tobyhanna Arm Depot, Pennsylvania. As a direct result of Mr. Penwell's efforts, the Depot's solid waste steam was reduced by 73 percent. This resulted in 11,340 tons of recyclable material being collected, disposal cost savings of over $1,067,700 and revenues from the sale of the material of over $388,400.

The Naval Air Station, Whidbey Island, Washington was the winner of the first Environmental Cleanup Award. Whidbey Island developed a model multi-disciplinary approach for the remediation/restoration of it's Installation Restoration Program sites. Accomplishments include creating a wetland habitat out of a National Priority List site; streamlining the Hazardous Waste Evaluation Study protocol; using innovative methods to save time and money on environmental reporting requirements.

"On this the 25th Anniversary of Earth Day, I consider it a great honor for me to present the annual Department of Defense Environmental Awards. It is no surprise to me how the Armed Forces have emerged as national leaders in protecting and preserving the lands, airways, and waters we use to train and operate. I am very proud of the men, women and installations recognized here today," said Secretary Perry.

Selection of the winners for these awards was made by prominent non-DoD officials actively involved in environmental, natural resource conservation, pollution prevention, recycling, and cleanup programs.

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