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Release No: 242-95
May 04, 1995


The Department of Defense's Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA) today announced the selection of 24 new projects for negotiation as a result of the FY 1995 MARITECH competition. Combined, these 24 projects are expected to receive a total of $18.7 million in government FY 1995 funding. The projects were selected from a total of 64 proposals received, and include 18 major U.S. shipbuilding companies.

The 24 projects include efforts in (1) advanced shipyard process and shipboard product technology development, and (2) near-term ship design and construction technology application projects. Advanced shipyard process and shipboard product technology projects are in areas such as computer assisted design/construction, advanced hull forms, ship navigation and control systems, robotic welding, composite structures, and advanced propulsors. The near-term ship design and construction technology application projects include such vessel categories as high-speed ferries and roll-on/roll-off cargo, multipurpose cargo, and liquefied natural gas carrier technology.

Now in its second year, the five-year MARITECH Program is a Federal effort to develop and apply advanced technology to improve the competitiveness of the U.S. shipbuilding industry and thereby preserve the capability for Navy ship construction. MARITECH is matching industry investment with Federal funds on a competitive basis to develop and implement technologies and advanced processes for the competitive ship design, marketing, construction, and support. MARITECH-developed technologies and processes for merchant marine requirements will be applied to Navy combatants, resulting in improved ship performance and more affordable ship acquisition for the U.S. military. The MARITECH-developed technologies and processes now being implemented in the shipbuilding industry will result in long-term effects that:

. preserve the shipbuilding industrial infrastructure for future mobilization contingencies; e.g., shipways, skilled artisans, and marine supplier base; . ensure affordable Navy ship construction using world-class, Navy-applicable commercial shipbuilding processes and technologies; and

. facilitate the U.S. shipbuilding industry's reentrance into the burgeoning international commercial market during a period of reduced Jones Act and Navy construction.

MARITECH is managed by ARPA in consultation with the Maritime Administration and the Navy's Office of Naval Research. Over the five-year program, the anticipated total government funding is $220 million. Because all government funding is at least matched by participants, the program's total impact will amount to at least $440 million to improve the competitiveness of the U.S. shipbuilding industry.

A full list of selected proposals and companies is attached.

Near-Term Ship Design and Construction Technology (BAA #95-02)

Advanced Shipyard Process and Shipboard Product Technology Developmenr (BAA #94-44) [not available]

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