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Release No: 308-95
June 07, 1995


Today Principal Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition and Technology, Noel Longuemare presented the annual Department of Defense Value Engineering Achievement Awards during a ceremony held at the Pentagon.

Value engineering is a systematic functional analysis leading to actions or recommendations to improve the value of systems, equipment, facilities, services, and supplies. The objectives are to improve quality and to reduce cost. The awards are intended to further the use of value engineering by Department of Defense personnel and its contractors.

During the last fiscal year, 5,044 in-house value engineering proposals were accepted with a reported savings of $688 million. Another 272 contractor-initiated value engineering change proposals were accepted with an additional savings of $203 million.

The value engineering award program is a highly visible acknowledgment of exemplary achievements and encourages additional projects to improve in-house and contractor productivity. One award winner was eligible for selection in the following seven categories for each DoD component: (1) program management, (2) individual, (3) procurement/ contract administration, (4) value engineering professional, (5) field command, (6) installation, and (7) contractor. Additional "special" awards were given to recognize innovative applications or approaches that expanded the traditional scope of value engineering use.

The 1995 awardees during today's ceremony were:


Program Management Brig. Gen. David R. Gust; US Army Communications- Electronic Command

Individual /Team James M. Heard; Red River Army Depot Professional John T. Blewett; US Army Engineer District, Savannah

Procurement/Contract Mark Haldeman; US Army Armament, Munitions and Administration Chemical Command

Field Command US Army Missile Command

Installation Lake City Army Ammunition Plant

Contractor Martin Marietta Defense Systems

Special Al Paley; US Army Communications-Electronic Command

Special Henry Mlodozeniec; Office of Chief of Staff, Army


Program Management Capt Ray Umbarger; Aerial Targets and Decoy Systems Program Office

Individual/Team Maj. Steve E. Joseph; Naval Air Systems Command

Professional William A. Bogue Jr.; Atlantic Division, Naval Facilities Engineering Command

Procurement/Contract Martin Jakim; Naval Air Systems Command Administration

Installation Resident Officer in Charge of Construction, New Orleans; Southern Division, Naval Facilities Engineering Command

Contractor Bell Helicopter Textron Inc.

Special Jean Lose and Roderick MacKinnon; Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command

Special F-18 Avionics Affordability Joint Process Action Team; Naval Air Systems Command

Special Affordability Cost Candidate Steering Committee and Trial Events Working Group; AEGIS Program Office


Program Management Col. Richard Dickson; Air-to-Air Joint Systems Program Office Individual/Team Ray Clodfelter, Bradley Tippett and Gregg Mohler; Aerospace Guidance and Metrology Center

Professional Jerry Osborn; Aerospace Guidance and Metrology Center

Procurement/Contract Deborah Dougherty, Lt. Matthew Jackson, Peter Administration Wolnliewicz, Jeffrey Duval, Lt.Col. Robert Costello and Capt Dale Stanley; AMRAAM Joint Systems Program Office

Installation Aerospace Guidance and Metrology Center

Special F-16 Falcon HALON Tiger Team

Special Jean Jines; Air Force Institute of Technology


Program Management David Bowling, Thomas Curtis, Stanley Dillon, John Attridge, Dwane Faith, Pedro Palacios, Dave Elliott, SMSgt. Bert Nyberg, SMSgt. BrianWakefield, MSgt. Mike Zander and Denny McCarren; Air Force Value Engineering Readiness Team

Individual/Team Anthony Crisci; Defense Industrial Supply Center

Professional Tom Beckstedt, Donald Howell and Harry Shelton; Defense Electronics Supply Center

Procurement/Contract Steve Titunik; DPRO Raytheon Administration

Field Command Defense General Supply Center

Contractor Anchor Industries, Inc.

Special Stephen P. DiRico; Defense Personnel Support Center

Special Value Engineering Readiness Team, Defense Construction Supply Center


Individual/Team Peter Paul, Sharlee Seeley, Bruce Frederick and Lambert Landry; Facilities Construction Program Team

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