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Release No: 333-95
June 20, 1995


About 978 soldiers from three NATO and twelve other central and eastern European countries will practice and develop their combined peacekeeping skills alongside U.S. soldiers at the Joint Readiness Training Center (JRTC), Fort Polk, La., Aug. 6 through 28.

The exercise, called Cooperative Nugget 95, is scheduled by NATO's Norfolk-based Allied Command Atlantic and hosted on behalf of the United States by the Commander in Chief, United States Atlantic Command at Norfolk, Va. The Norfolk-based Commander in Chief, Western Atlantic Area, will work with the United States Army Forces Command at Atlanta, Ga., to coordinate the exercise. It is the sixth military exercise to be conducted as part of NATO's Partnership For Peace (PFP) program. The aim of Cooperative Nugget, the first exercise of its kind on U.S. soil, is to foster interoperability between the participating forces through the practice of combined peacekeeping and humanitarian relief tactics, techniques and communications procedures at the platoon and company levels. NATO's PFP program assists the military forces of partner nations in emerging from the cold war as positive, non-political, defense-oriented elements of their societies.

Each partner country will contribute a rifle platoon, which will retain its national integrity. These platoons will comprise combined rifle companies that will form a NATO/PFP battalion. The combined NATO/PFP battalion, alongside U.S. combat support and combat service support units, will report to a model U.S. brigade headquarters. The peacekeeping forces will be supported by 12 Special Forces coalition support teams from the 10th Special Forces Group, Fort Carson, Colo. These teams will provide technical and linguistic support to the partner nation contingents.

Cooperative Nugget's scenario-based, field training centers on a fictional border dispute between two hypothetical countries. The United Nations will attempt to resolve the dispute and establish a peacekeeping force to monitor the buffer zone between the two sides. The training will be conducted in accordance with current U.S. Army, NATO and United Nations training methodology. Soldiers and vehicles will be equipped with Multiple Integrated Laser Engagement Systems (MILES) to assess casualties. Army and partner nation observer/controllers will oversee events and conduct after-action reviews.

For additional information concerning U.S. activities and involvement in Cooperative Nugget 95, contact the Public Affairs Office, U.S. Atlantic Command, at (804) 444-3884. For further information concerning activities and involvement of other NATO countries and participating partner nations, contact the Public Affairs Office at Allied Command Atlantic, (804) 445-3600.

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