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Release No: 348-95
June 23, 1995


The Central Imagery Office, an agency of the Department of Defense, has introduced the first in a series of innovative, computerized imagery libraries. Called the Image Product Archive, the first library was opened at USACOM's Atlantic Intelligence Command in Norfolk, Va.

This archive is the first significant system element fielded under the Central Imagery Office's Accelerated Architecture Acquisition Initiative (A3I). It is designed to improve the speed at which high-quality imagery is disseminated to the warfighter.

The archive, developed at the Air Force's Rome Laboratory, will enable deployed military users to access an electronic inventory of imagery and imagery-derived products using commercial, off-the-shelf computer systems. Other IPAs are being installed at the U. S. Central, Pacific and European Commands, as well as in the Washington, D. C. area. By the end of l996, the IPA will be fielded worldwide.

At that time, operational users will be able to pull original imagery and imagery-derived products from standardized libraries at the national, theater and Service intelligence organization levels, and use or manipulate these products to satisfy their own requirements.

These IPAs will be accessible through INTELINK and the Joint Worldwide Intelligence Communications System (JWICS). By employing common workstation technology, such as the Joint Deployable Intelligence Support System (JDISS), operational elements at and below the joint task force level can tap into these IPAs as well. Plans also call for making the IPA available through additional workstation technology, including the Global Command and Control System.

The initiative's two-year phase one, dubbed Pilot A3I, focuses on improving the ground-based infrastructure of the U. S. imagery system. The overall initiative will extend into the next century and concentrate on upgrading existing imagery systems, and deploying new ones, as a way of enhancing services for customers worldwide.

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