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Release No: 355-95
June 27, 1995


The Department of Defense announced today plans to make 27 awards to support multidisciplinary research at 57 academic institutions. Subject to availability of funds and continued research progress, the awards will support five years of research effort. The Department intends to provide $20 million in Fiscal Year 1995 for these multiyear efforts and up to $150 million over five years.

The awards are being made under the multidisciplinary research program of the University Research Initiative (URI). The multidisciplinary URI supports research teams whose efforts intersect more than one traditional science and engineering discipline. Multidisciplinary team effort can accelerate research progress in areas suited to this approach. It also can help to hasten the transition of research findings to practical application. By supporting team efforts, the multidisciplinary URI complements other Department programs that support university research principally through single-investigator awards.

The awards are the result of the FY 1995 competition under the multidisciplinary URI. Proposals were sought in 14 areas of importance to the Department:

. Optoelectronics for Broadband Communications

. Computational Geometry for Intelligent Systems

. Manufacturable, Power-Switching Devices

. Functionally Tailored Textile Fabrics

. Autonomous Oceanographic Sampling Networks

. Materials and Processing at Nanometer Scale

. Novel Energetic Materials to Stabilize Rockets

. Low-Power, Low-Noise Electronics

. Reduced-Signature Target Recognition

. Therapeutics for Advanced Trauma Care

. Intelligent Turbine Engines

. Advanced Biosensor Arrays

. Advanced Optical Materials

. Computational Electromagnetics

To promote transition of research findings to application, a factor in selecting proposals for funding was the quality of proposers' plans for collaborating with industrial organizations. Proposers were allowed to propose subawards to industrial organizations with a caveat that awarded funds were expected to vest substantially with the academic institutions. Six of the 27 awards announced today include a subaward to an industrial organization.

The awards will be made by the five research offices that conducted the competition: the Army Research Office, Office of Naval Research, Air Force Office of Scientific Research, Advanced Research Projects Agency, and Innovative Science and Technology Office of the Ballistic Missile Defense Organization. The awards are subject to the successful completion of negotiations between the academic institutions and the five research offices.

Media may obtain the list of winning proposers from the Directorate for Defense Information, room 2E765, Pentagon, (703) 697-5131. Others may call (703) 697-5737.

list of winning proposers

    PRINCIPAL                                                                                                             AWARDING   
   INVESTIGATOR        INSTITUTIONS (Subawardees asterisked)  STATE    BRIEF TITLE                                         AGENCY    
R.  K. Bajcsy       University of Pennsylvania                  PA     Algorithmics of Motion                                  ARMY  
                            * Stanford University               CA                                                                   
J. Bellingham       Massachusetts Institute of Technology       MA     Real-Time Oceanography/Autonomous Ocean Sampling        NAVY  
                            * Woods Hole Oceanographic          MA                                                                   
                            * University of Washington          WA                                                                   
                            * Northeastern University           MA                                                                   
J.  E. Bowers       University of California-Santa Barbara      CA     Optoelectronics Switching                               ARPA  
                            * Rockwell International            CA                                                                   
                    Science Center                                                                                                   
D. Castanon         Boston University                           MA     Reduced-Signature Target Recognition               AIR FORCE  
                            * Massachusetts Institute of        MA                                                                   
                            * University of Michigan            MI                                                                   
                            * New York University               NY                                                                   
                            * University of Minnesota           MN                                                                   
                            * Stanford University               CA                                                                   
                            * Northeastern University           MA                                                                   
W. Chew             University of Illinois                      IL     Computational Electromagnetics of Complex          AIR FORCE  
                            * University of Delaware            DE                                                                   
                            * University of Minnesota           MN                                                                   
                            * Massachusetts Institute of        MA                                                                   
                            * Pennsylvania State University     PA                                                                   
                            * University of Texas-Austin        TX                                                                   
F.  P. Choa         University of Maryland-Baltimore            MD     Broadband, Optical Switching                            ARPA  
                            * Polytechnic University            NY                                                                   
J. Cooper           Purdue University                           IN     Manufacturable Power Switching Devices                  NAVY  
                            * University of Texas-Austin        TX                                                                   
                            * Howard University                 DC                                                                   
                            * Rensselaer Polytechnic            NY                                                                   
                            * CREE Research Corporation         NC                                                                   
L.  A. Crum         University of Washington                    WA     Acoustic Hemostasis Device for Advanced Trauma          ARPA  
                            * Focus Surgery, Incorporated       CA                                                                   
F.  E. Culick       California Institute of Technology          CA     Novel Energetic Materials to Stabilize Rockets          BMDO  
                            * Brigham Young University          UT                                                                   
                            * Emory University                  GA                                                                   
                            * Georgia Institute of              GA                                                                   
                            * Pennsylvania State University     PA                                                                   
                            * University of Central Florida     FL                                                                   
                            * University of Delaware            DE                                                                   
                            * University of Tennessee           TN                                                                   
                            * University of                     AL                                                                   
L. Dalton           University of Southern California           CA     Materials and Processing at the Nanometer Scale    AIR FORCE  
                            * California Institute of           CA                                                                   
                            * University of California-Los      CA                                                                   
                            * State University of New           NY                                                                   
                            * North Carolina State              NC                                                                   
                            * Cornell University                NY                                                                   
P. Delfyett         University of Central Florida               FL     Optical Amplifiers for Broadband                        ARPA  
R. Ghadiri          Scripps Research Institute                  CA     Design of Biosensor Arrays                              NAVY  
                            * California Institute of           CA                                                                   
                            * University of California-San      CA                                                                   
A. Gopinath         University of Minnesota                     MN     Components for Broadband Optical Communications         ARPA  
                            * Columbia University               NY                                                                   
G.  I. Haddad       University of Michigan                      MI     Low Power/ Low Noise Electronics                        ARMY  
                            * University of Colorado            CO                                                                   
T. Itoh             University of California-Los Angeles        CA     Low-Power/Low-Noise Electronics for Mobile              ARMY  
                            * University of California-San      CA                                                                   
                            * Rockwell International            CA                                                                   
                    Science Center                                                                                                   
R. Kleinman         University of Delaware                      DE     Analysis & Design of Electromagnetic Fields        AIR FORCE  
                            * University of Illinois            IL                                                                   
                            * Virginia Polytechnic Institute    VA                                                                   
                            * Polytechnic University            NY                                                                   
                            * Colorado School of Mines          CO                                                                   
                            * New Jersey Institute of           NJ                                                                   
                            * City University of New York       NY                                                                   
                            * University of Arizona             AZ                                                                   
                            * Boston University                 MA                                                                   
                            * Massachusetts Institute of        MA                                                                   
H. Krier            University of Illinois                      IL     Combustion Stability for High Energy Solid              BMDO  
                            * City College of New York          NY                                                                   
                            * Princeton University              NJ                                                                   
                            * Pennsylvania State University     PA                                                                   
                            * University of Central Florida     FL                                                                   
                            * University of Utah                UT                                                                   
                            * University of New Orleans         LA                                                                   
P. Kumar            Northwestern University                     IL     Integrated Devices for Optical Networks                 ARPA  
G. Lopez            University of New  Mexico                   NM     Integrated, Multi-Analyte Chemical Microsensors         NAVY  
                            * Commonwealth Biotechnology,       VA                                                                   
E.  M. McPherson    North Carolina State University             NC     Functionally Tailored Fibers and Fabrics Research       ARMY  
                            * University of Akron               OH                                                                   
                            * Drexel University                 PA                                                                   
S. Pearton          University of Florida                       FL     Nanoscale Devices and Novel Engineered Materials   AIR FORCE  
                            * Florida State University          FL                                                                   
                            * University of California-San      CA                                                                   
N. Peyghambarian    University of Arizona                       AZ     Nonlinear Optical Polymers and Molecular                NAVY  
F.  P. Preparata    Brown University                            RI     Applicable and Robust Geometrical Computing             ARMY  
                            * Johns Hopkins University          MD                                                                   
                            * Duke University                   NC                                                                   
J.  H. Shapiro      Massachusetts Institute of Technology       MA     Optoelectronic Components for Optical Networks          ARPA  
S. Tripathy         University of Massachusetts                 MA     Macromolecular Architectures for Optical                NAVY  
                                                                       Materials and Processes                                       
D. Walt             Tufts University                            MA     Chemical Sensing Based on the Olfactory System          NAVY  
                            * Molecular Devices,                CA                                                                   
                            * Columbia University               NY                                                                   
                            * Harvard University                MA                                                                   
                            * Pennsylvania State University     PA                                                                   
B.  T. Zinn         Georgia Institute of Technology             GA     Intelligent Turbine Engines                             ARMY  

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