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Release No: 407-95
August 01, 1995


The Department of Defense announced today that operations at ten facilitiesoverseas will be ended or reduced under the current plan to drawdown the numberof U.S. forces worldwide. Three Army, three Air Force and four Navyinstallations, all in Europe, will be returned or partially returned.

To date, the Secretary of Defense has announced his intention to return orreduce operations at 959 overseas sites. The result is a 57 percent reductionin our facility infrastructure overseas, including a 63 percent reduction inEurope. The Department has established the European theater enduring forcestructure at about 100,000 troops, and has virtually completed its drawdown ofmilitary facilities overseas.

This realignment of European installations will affect 977 military positions,41 U.S. civilian employee positions and 290 local national positions. Returnsor partial returns of facilities to host countries represent about 251,000authorized positions at sites worldwide since the drawdown began. Theseinclude more than 178,340 military, 23,360 U.S. civilian and 49,550 localnational positions. (The number of actual employees at these facilities isgenerally less than the number of authorized positions.)

The phrase "return" means operations are ended and the entire installation isvacated by U.S. forces and returned to the control of the host nation. Thephrase "partial return" means some of the facilities are retained by U.S.forces and operations are reduced.

More specific information about this announcement may be obtained bycontacting Headquarters, U.S. European Command at 49-711-680-8447 or 8486.

The following U.S. Army, Europe (USAREUR) installations are scheduled to bereturned or partially returned.

Installation          Location         Status
Pulaski Barracks          Kaiserslautern      Partial Return
Steinbachtal Ammo Area    Wurzburg            Return
Olen Storage Area         Belgium             Return

The following U.S. Air Forces in Europe (USAFE) installations are scheduled to be returned or partially returned.

Pruem Air Station         Spangdahlem         Partial Return
Uxbridge Support Annex    Mildenhall, UK      Partial Return
Carpenters Park           Mildenhall, UK      ReturnFamily Housing

The following U.S. Navy Europe (USNAVEUR) installations are scheduled to bereturned.

Edzell Main Site          NSGA Edzell, UK     Return
RAF Inverbevie            NSGA Edzell, UK     Return
Sewage Treatment Farm     NSGA Edzell, UK     Return
Trinity Fields            NSGA Edzell, UK     Return

The following USAREUR installations were announced previously for return, but will now be retained.

Installation              Location            Status
Fintherlandstr            Mainz
Family Housing	Germersheim Army Depot    Karlsruhe

The following USAFE installation was announced previously for return, but will now be retained.

Upwood Medical Clinic     RAF Alconbury, UK

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