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Release No: 805-03
October 30, 2003

Supporting Our Friends In Iraq and Afghanistan (SOFIA) Web Site Opens


            The Department of Defense announced today that it has established an Internet site for recruiting temporary contract federal civilian workers to assist in rebuilding the nations of Iraq and Afghanistan


            Supporting Our Friends in Iraq and Afghanistan (SOFIA) is a Department of Defense program that seeks to hire motivated civilian employees to help the fledgling Iraqi and Afghani governments in their quest to become full-fledged democracies.


            SOFIA’s web site is located at: http://cpolwapp.belvoir.army.mil/sofia/ .  Job skills being sought are numerous and across the spectrum, including civil engineering, banking, agriculture, education, communications and security.  Interested applicants should search under the ‘Available Opportunities’ section for current job vacancies in Iraq and Afghanistan.


            Individuals will be hired by the department through the U.S. Army, which is the executive agent, for a 12-month period with the option to extend.  Applicants do not have to be current or past federal employees.


            Prospective applicants must be willing to live under field conditions.  Foreign language aptitude and prior military experience are helpful but are not required.





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